Want to find a specific cut of pork for your menu or banquet event? The Pork Meat Buyers Guide NAMP (National Association of Meat Purveyors) and the IMPS (Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications) use identical specs, but the IMPS is put out by a government agency and is free.  Click on the USDA IMPS for Fresh Pork link to download the 2014 PDF version of the Pork file which includes NAMP/IMPS item numbers and descriptions of the cuts.  It will open in a new window, but it is a 1 MB file so it may take a minute to download.

Pork Offal Specs

For Pork Offal click on USDA IMPS for Variety Meats which also includes offal for Beef, Lamb, Veal, Cured, Smoked, Sausages and other by-products.


IMPS NAMP Pork Specs


IMPS NAMP Pork Portions


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