Round Steak Cuts and Names

I thought that this would be a relatively simply project… assemble a list of steaks and their alternate names. Sounds simple. Turns out it is a confusing topic. Different regions have different names for the same steak. Some steak names are used for two completely different cuts. And the Meat Buyer’s Guide only specs out a few of the hundreds of names associated with various steaks cut from beef.

The chart below shows a lot of the names which steaks cut from the Beef Round primal go by. The info includes the meat retailer’s UPC number and the NAMP/IMPS meat cutter’s number. I have cross-referenced it with about a dozen sources, but as I stated the topic is very convoluted. If you are a professional butcher please leave comments at the bottom of the page to update this info.

Using the Beef Round Steaks Chart

The left column shows which part of the round primal each steak is cut from. In the Steak Name & Variations column the names in bold are names found in the IMPS guide which is used for the Meat Buyers Guide. To determine alternate names look at the UPC and/or the IMPS Steak column. If the numbers are the same in either column then the associated names are commonly used for this cut.


Steaks Cut from the Beef Round Primal

Sub Primal IMPS Primal Steak Name & Variations UPC IMPS Steak
Bottom Round 171 Bottom Round Steak 1463 1171
Beef Eye Round Steak 1481 1171
Beef Round Flat Steak 1466 1171
Beef Round Grill Steak 1466 1171
London Broil 1466 1171
Outside Round Steak 1171D
Rump Steak 1269 1171G
Western Griller 1466 1171
Round 161 Swiss Steak 1507
Round Sirloin Tip 167 Beef Center Cut Steak 1550 1167E
Ball Tip Steak 1535 1167A
Beef Tip Side Steak 1543 1167F
Beef Tip Steak 1527 1167
Breakfast Steak 1538 1167A
Center Cut Beef Steak 1550 1167E
Chipped Steak 1538 1167A
Knuckle Steak 1527 1167
Knuckle Steak Peeled 1535 1167A
Round Tip Center Steak 1167E
Round Tip Steak 1167
Tip Steak 1527 1167
Trimmed Tip Steak 1535 1167A
Top Round 169 Family Steak 2368 1169
Top Round London Broil 1556
Top Round Steak 1553 1169
Top Round Steak Cap Off 1169A
Top Round Steak Front Side Steak 1169C


Click the image below to download the Beef Retailer Guide PDF (13 mb)

Beef Retailer Guide PDF png


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