Rib Steak and Ribeye Steak Alternate Names

Rib steaks are among the most popular steaks served both in restaurants and on the backyard barbie. Here is a list of various names which ribeye steaks go by. The chart includes both retail UPC numbers and the IMPS meat cutters numbers. The rib steak names in bold are taken directly from the IMPS guide for cutting beef in the USA. The IMPS numbers are probably the most accurate way for a chef to order a specific cut from your meat vendor. The UPC number is the best way for a retail shopper to find exactly what they want in a supermarket or other retail butcher shop.


Beef Rib Steak Cuts and Names

Sub Primal IMPS Name UPC IMPS
Ribeye Lip On, Bone-In 109E Braising Steak, Swiss 1102
Beef Rib Steak 1197 1103
Beef Rib Steak, Frenched 1103B
Ribeye Steak – Bone-In 1197
Saratoga Steak 1197
Cowboy Steak 1191
Ribeye, Boneless 112 Ribeye Steak Lip On 1112A
Ribeye Steak Lip On Short Cut 1203 1112B
Delmonico Steak 1209
Fillet Steak 1209
Spencer Steak 1209
Rib Steak, Boneless 1103A
Prime Rib Steak 1209 1112
Ribeye Roll Steak 1112
Ribeye Steak – Boneless 1209 1112C
Beauty Steak 1209


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