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There are hundreds of different names for steaks sold at restaurants and supermarkets in the US.  Many steaks have multiple names which are used for the same cut (NY, New York, Strip Loin, Kansas City are all names for the same steak). And some steak names refer to completely different cuts depending upon the butcher and the region (for instance, a Delmonico Steak is cut from at least 8 different cuts spanning from the Chuck to the Sirloin!)

The intent of this chart below is to make it easier for chefs and foodies to determine both the steak name and the primal it was cut from, as well as make it easier to order a specific cut of steak.  The steaks which are bold are the actual names taken from the IMPS meat cutters guide which is used by the NAMP meat buyer’s guide. The UPC numbers are used by the meat retailers to establish standard cuts for supermarkets and retailer shops. I have however found that there are two different sources for the UPC numbers which sometimes list different numbers for the same cut. I don’t know yet which source is more standardized, but they are listed at the bottom of the page. If you are a professional butcher please leave comments to verify or suggest changes to the content listed here.


Beef Rib Cuts of Steaks

Sub Primal IMPS Name UPC IMPS
Ribeye Lip On,
109E Braising Steak, Swiss 1102
Beef Rib Steak 1197 1103
Beef Rib Steak, Frenched 1103B
Ribeye Steak – Bone-In 1197
Saratoga Steak 1197
Cowboy Steak 1191
112 Ribeye Steak Lip On 1112A
Ribeye Steak Lip On Short Cut 1203 1112B
Delmonico Steak 1209
Fillet Steak 1209
Spencer Steak 1209
Rib Steak,
Prime Rib Steak 1209 1112
Ribeye Roll Steak 1112
Ribeye Steak – Boneless 1209 1112C
Beauty Steak 1209

Beef Chuck Cuts of Steak

Sub Primal IMPS Primal Steak Name & Variations UPC IMPS Steak
7-Bone 113C Center Chuck Steak 1035
Chuck Steak Center Cut 1035
113B Arm Chuck Steak
Arm Swiss Steak 1050
Chuck Steak for Swissing 1050
Round Bone Steak 1050
Round Bone Swiss Steak 1050
Swiss Steak 1050
113B Boneless Round Bone Steak 1056
Boneless Swiss Steak 1056
113C Chuck Steak *** 1066
Chuck Steak 1st Cut 1066
Chuck Steak Blade Cut 1066
113C Char Broil Steak 1069
Chuck Barbecue Steak 1069
Chuck Steak 1st Cut 1069
Chuck Steak for BBQ 1069
115A Boneless Blade Steak 1st Cut 1073
Deluxe Blade Steak 1073
Chuck Eye,
116D Boneless Chuck Fillet Steak 1102
Boneless Steak Bottom Chuck 1102
Chuck Delmonico Steak 1116D
Chuck Eye Roll Steak
Chuck Eye Roll Steak 1116D
116D Chuck Eye Steak 1116H
Mock Tender,
116B Chuck Eye Steak 1116
Chuck Fillet Steak 1116
Chuck Sandwich Steak 1116
Chuck Tender Steak 1116
Fish Steak 1116
Mock Tender Steak
Under Blade,
116C Boneless Bottom Chuck Steak 1158
Boneless Chuck Fillet Steak
Boneless Chuck Steak 1158
Boneless Under Cut Steak 1158
California Steak 1116E
Chuck Fillet Steak
Chuck Steak *** 1158
Minute Steak 1158
116G Denver Steak 1098 1116G
Bottom Chuck Steak
Under Blade Center Cut Steak 1116G
Under Blade Steak
116I Sierra Steak 1097
Under Blade,
113C Bottom Chuck Steak 1152
California Steak 1152
Gravy Steak 1152
Semi-Boneless Chuck Steak 1152
Under Cut Steak 1152
Shoulder Clod,
114C Boneless Clod Steak 1133
Boneless Shoulder Clod Steak 1133
Chuck Shoulder Steak 1133
Clod Steak Boneless 1133
English Steak 1133
Shoulder Steak * 1133
Shoulder Steak Half Cut 1133
1114E Ranch Steak 1162 1114E
Shoulder Arm Steak 1114E
Shoulder Center Cut Steak 1162
Shoulder Grill Steak ** 1162
1114F Petite Tender Medallions 1114F
Shoulder Tender 1114F
Shoulder Top Blade,
113C Blade Steak Bone-In 1138
Top Chuck Steak 1138
1114D Boneless Top Chuck Steak 1144 1114D
Book Steak 1144 1114D
Butler Steak 1144 1114D
Lifter Steak 1144 1114D
Patio Steak 1144 1114D
Petite Steak 1144 1114D
Blade Steak 1114D
1114D Flatiron Steak 1166 1114D
Shoulder Grill Steak ** 1166 1114D
Shoulder Steak * 1114D
Top Blade Steak 1114D
Triangle Steak 1114D

Beef Plate Cuts of Steak

Plate 121 Inner Skirt Steak 1121D
Inside Skirt Steak 1121D
London Broil 1121D
London Grill Steak 1121D
Outside Skirt Steak, Skinned 1121E
Philadelphia Steak 1121D
Skirt Fillet 1121D

Beef Round Steak Cuts

Sub Primal IMPS Primal Steak Name & Variations UPC IMPS Steak
Bottom Round  171 Bottom Round Steak 1463 1171
Beef Eye Round Steak 1481 1171
Beef Round Flat Steak 1466 1171
Beef Round Grill Steak 1466 1171
London Broil 1466 1171
Outside Round Steak 1171D
Rump Steak 1269 1171G
Western Griller 1466 1171
Round 161 Swiss Steak 1507
Round Sirloin Tip 167 Beef Center Cut Steak 1550 1167E
Ball Tip Steak 1535 1167A
Beef Tip Side Steak 1543 1167F
Beef Tip Steak 1527 1167
Breakfast Steak 1538 1167A
Center Cut Beef Steak 1550 1167E
Chipped Steak 1538 1167A
Knuckle Steak 1527 1167
Knuckle Steak Peeled 1535 1167A
Round Tip Center Steak 1167E
Round Tip Steak 1167
Tip Steak 1527 1167
Trimmed Tip Steak 1535 1167A
Top Round 169 Family Steak 2368 1169
Top Round London Broil 1556
Top Round Steak 1553 1169
Top Round Steak Cap Off 1169A
Top Round Steak Front Side Steak 1169C

Beef Loin Cuts of Steak

Loin Tenderloin 189 Chateaubriand Steak 1388 1189A
Filet Mignon Steak 1388 1189A
Fillet Steak 1388 1189A
Tender Steak 1189
Tender Steak, Side Muscle On, Defatted 1189A
Tender Steak, Side Muscle Off, Defatted 1190
Tender Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned 1388 1190A
Tender Steak, Center Cut, Skinned 1388 1190B
Loin Top Sirloin,
184 Coulotte Steaks 1421 1184D
Baseball Cut Top Sirloin 1184F
Boneless Sirloin Butt Steak 1422 1184
Dinner Steak 1422 1184
Finger Steak 2237 1184
Top Sirloin Baseball Cut Steak 1184F
Top Sirloin Butt Steak 1184
Top Sirloin Butt Steak Semi Center Cut 1184A
Top Sirloin Butt Steak Center Cut 1422 1184B
Top Sirloin Cap Steak 1184D
Top Sirloin Steak 1422 1184
Loin Bottom Sirloin,
Tri Tip
185 Triangle Steak 1430 1185C
Bottom Sirloin Butt Steak
Bottom Sirloin Butt Flap Steak 1185A
Bottom Sirloin Butt Ball Tip Steak 1185B
Bottom Sirloin Butt Tri-Tip Steak 1185C
Top Loin,
179 Club Steak 1398 1179
Club Steak – Chip Club Steak 1398 1179
Country Club Steak 1398 1179
Kansas City Steak 1398 1179
Nevada Club Steak 1398 1179
New York Steak 1398 1179
Shell Steak – Beef Loin Strip Steak 1398 1179
Sirloin Strip Steak 1398 1179
Strip Loin Steak 1398 1179
Strip Loin Steak, Center Cut 1179A
Top Loin,
180 Ambassador Steak 1404 1180
Boneless Club Steak 1404 1180
Club Sirloin Steak 1404 1180
Hotel Style Sirloin Steak 1404 1180
Kansas City Steak 1404 1180
New York Steak 1404 1180
New York Strip Steak 1404 1180
Strip Loin Steak 1180
Strip Loin Steak, Center Cut 1180A
Strip Loin Steak, Split 1180B
Strip Steak 1404 1180
Veiny Steak 1404 1180
Short Loin 173 Porterhouse Steak 1173
174 T-Bone Steak 1174
175 Delmonico Steak many!

Beef Flank Steak

Beef Flank 193 Flank Steak 193
Finger Steak
Jiffy Steak
Finger Steak

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