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I thought that this would be a relatively simple project… assemble a list of chuck steak varieties and their alternate names. Sounds simple. Turns out it is a confusing topic. Different regions have different names for the same steak. Some steak names are used for two completely different cuts. And the Meat Buyer’s Guide only specs out a few of the over 70 names associated with beef chuck steaks.

The chuck steak varieties chart below shows a lot of the names which various chuck steaks go by. The info includes the meat retailer’s UPC number and the NAMP/IMPS meat cutter’s number. I have cross-referenced it with about a dozen sources, but as I stated the topic is very convoluted. If you are a professional butcher please leave comments at the bottom of the page to update this info.

Using the Beef Chuck Steaks Chart

The left column shows which part of the chuck primal each steak is cut from. In the Steak Name & Variations column, the names in bold are names found in the IMPS guide which is used for the Meat Buyers Guide. To determine alternate names look at the UPC and/or the IMPS Steak column. If the numbers are the same in either column then the associated names are commonly used for this cut. For instance, the Arm Bone-In sub primal 113B is known by at least 6 names, 5 of which have a UPC number, and none of which have a specific IMPS/NAMP number.

Additional resources are at the bottom of the page.

Beef Chuck Steaks

Sub Primal IMPS Primal Steak Name & Variations UPC IMPS Steak
7-Bone 113C Center Chuck Steak 1035
Chuck Steak Center Cut 1035
Arm, Bone-In 113B Arm Chuck Steak
Arm Swiss Steak 1050
Chuck Steak for Swissing 1050
Round Bone Steak 1050
Round Bone Swiss Steak 1050
Swiss Steak 1050
Arm, Boneless 113B Boneless Round Bone Steak 1056
Boneless Swiss Steak 1056
Blade, Bone-In 113C Chuck Steak *** 1066
Chuck Steak 1st Cut 1066
Chuck Steak Blade Cut 1066
113C Char Broil Steak 1069
Chuck Barbecue Steak 1069
Chuck Steak 1st Cut 1069
Chuck Steak for BBQ 1069
Blade, Boneless 115A Boneless Blade Steak 1st Cut 1073
Deluxe Blade Steak 1073
Chuck Eye, Boneless 116D Boneless Chuck Fillet Steak 1102
Boneless Steak Bottom Chuck 1102
Chuck Delmonico Steak 1114D 1116D
Chuck Eye Roll Steak
Chuck Eye Roll Steak 1116D 1116D
116D Chuck Eye Steak 1116H 1116H
Mock Tender, Boneless 116B Chuck Eye Steak 1116
Chuck Fillet Steak 1116
Chuck Sandwich Steak 1116
Chuck Tender Steak 1116
Fish Steak 1116
Mock Tender Steak
Under Blade, Boneless 116C Boneless Bottom Chuck Steak 1158
Boneless Chuck Fillet Steak
Boneless Chuck Steak 1158
Boneless Under Cut Steak 1158
California Steak 1116E 1116E
Chuck Fillet Steak
Chuck Steak *** 1158
Minute Steak 1158
116G Denver Steak 1116G 1098 1116G
Bottom Chuck Steak
Under Blade Center Cut Steak 1116G 1116G
Under Blade Steak
116I Sierra Steak 1097
Under Blade, Bone-In 113C Bottom Chuck Steak 1152
California Steak 1152
Gravy Steak 1152
Semi-Boneless Chuck Steak 1152
Under Cut Steak 1152
Shoulder Clod, Boneless 114C Boneless Clod Steak 1133
Boneless Shoulder Clod Steak 1133
Chuck Shoulder Steak 1133
Clod Steak Boneless 1133
English Steak 1133
Shoulder Steak * 1133
Shoulder Steak Half Cut 1133
1114E Ranch Steak 1114E 1162 1114E
Shoulder Arm Steak 1114E 1114E
Shoulder Center Cut Steak 1162
Shoulder Grill Steak ** 1162
1114F Petite Tender Medallions 1114F 1114F
Shoulder Tender 1114F 1114F
Shoulder Top Blade, Bone-In 113C Blade Steak Bone-In 1138
Top Chuck Steak 1138
1114D Boneless Top Chuck Steak 1144 1114D
Book Steak 1144 1114D
Butler Steak 1144 1114D
Lifter Steak 1144 1114D
Patio Steak 1144 1114D
Petite Steak 1144 1114D
Blade Steak 1114D
1114D Flatiron Steak 1114D 1166 1114D
Shoulder Grill Steak ** 1166 1114D
Shoulder Steak * 1114D
Top Blade Steak 1114D 1114D
Triangle Steak 1114D


Additional for Chuck Steak Names and Varieties

Comments from before Site Migration

PAM HORNER []    [ Aug 13, 2014 ]

It would be most helpful if cuts were clearly delineated as alternative cuts, i.e. top blade steak (w/lateral connective tissue intact) OR flat iron steak (lateral connective tissue removed), as cannot produce both from a side. It would also be helpful to clearly identify all the names used for the same exact cut, as well as those that incorporate smaller cuts. New butchering techniques and two numbering systems with multiple names for the same cuts adds to the confusion. However, if one spends a good deal of time on this website, one can sort it all out–thank you for your efforts and outstanding videos!

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