The Meat Buyer’s Guide details over 100 different cuts of beef which chefs can purchase. And then there are all the different cuts of steak as well, the Delmonico, Blade steak, Flatiron steak and more. We’ll work through these one at a time to give descriptions of each.

What is particularly helpful in the meat industry is that the Meat Buyer’s Guide gives very clear specifications for various cuts of meat and then assigns a number to each cut so you can order exactly what you want.

For instance, do you want the full, uncut beef tenderloin with the fat and chain all attached? Order the NAMP 189. Do you want the full tenderloin with side muscle and fat off but silver skin still on? Order the 190. Do you want the 190 portioned out as steaks? Order the 1190 (notice the extra “1”).

Do you want the premium cut filet? Order the CC 1190A (Center Cut steaks with silver skin and side muscle off, no tail piece and no butt end piece.)

The same is true for most of the other cuts of beef, from primal cuts all the way down to steak cuts. You just choose whether you want Choice or Prime grades and the portion size, for example, 1 case of Choice 8 oz CC 1190A steaks.

Take a look through the steak cuts below for more details about specific cuts of beef.

Special Steak Cuts


Cattlemans Beef Board
Angus Beef Cuts



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