Guide to using the Strip Loin (New York) Yield Form

This page is a collaborative place for Chefs to share their experience/knowledge with the yield percentages of Striploin (NY). The goal is to document useful information about the yield % of Strip Loin based upon what temperature you cook it at, what kind of oven you use and the internal temperature you pull it at. The resulting information will tell you which method of cooking gives you the most yield. It will also offer you an effective training tool for your staff when they over cook a rib or cook it in the wrong oven. The chart will also allow you to calculate if your savings on shrinkage would warrant purchasing an alto sham instead of using your convection oven.

Primary Use – Yield A

This is the primary purpose you will be using the striploin (or other cut) for. For instance your primary use may be cutting center-cut steaks, or it may be simply for a striploin roast.

Primary Use – Yield B

This will be your secondary use cuts. For striploin you may have center-cut steaks and breakfast steaks (veiny steaks).

Secondary Use – Yield C

This is essentially your usable trim weight.

Cryovac Weight

Cryovac is the weight before the item is removed from cryovac which will include your blood loss.

Strip Loin Raw Weight

Raw Weight is the weight of the meat after removing it from cryovac and discarding the blood. You will usually have some blood/liquid loss so the weight is typically less than the Cryovac Weight.

Primary Usage Weight

Your actual yield weight for the primary use item (and so on for the Secondary Use Weight)

Yield Qty A, B, C

This is the number of steaks (or whatever your item is) that you get. This way you will have a yield by weight and a yield by quantity.

Primary Usage Yield %

Primary Usage Yield % is Primary Usage Weight divided by Cryovac Weight.


 The example below is for Tenderloin, but you get the idea.




Download the free Beef Butchering Yields Form as it appears here
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