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Singing Pink Scallops come in a rainbow of colors and have a wonderful flavor compared to other scallops. The NY Times wrote, “Pink scallops, which have a more complex flavor than sea scallops on the East Coast, are less aggressively sweet and they are balanced by a pleasant, oyster-like brininess as well as a nutty flavor usually associated with clams. At certain times during the year a small, bright orange or golden egg sac wraps around the animal, which adds a firm, textured dimension to the scallop’s natural tenderness, and accentuates its nutty flavor.”

Alternate Names

Pink Scallops, Scooters, Singing Scallops

Typical Wholesale Products

Sold by the pound, usually in 5 lb mesh bags.  These animals are sold live and are very perishable.  They must be consumed within 48 hours of being removed from the water.

Singing Pink Scallop Description (Chlamys rubida, Chlamys hastata)

Pink Scallops and Spiny Scallops are both sold live in the shell and both have beautiful sculptured shells in a rainbow of colors including pink, orange, lavender and cream colored shells.  They rarely have shells larger than 3 inches wide.  Like clams, they are cooked in the shell and the whole animal is eaten, not just the abductor muscle like most scallops.  At certain times of the year a wonderful orange roe surrounds the meat which adds a nice complexity to their flavor.

Surrounding the edge of the shell is a mantle which contains dozens of small dot-like eyes which allow the scallop to see shadows.  To avoid danger, or for simple movement, they clamp their shells shut and shoot water from the hinge area to propel themselves through the water.

Fresh Availability

Fresh seafood availability chart: green areas show peak availability, light green show limited availability, gray indicates not available fresh.  Singing Pink Scallops are in very limited supply.  Frozen are available year around through Pacific Seafood.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


Singing Pink Scallop Range & Habitat

Singing Pink Scallops are found wild on the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska.  They prefer depths of 30 to 180 feet and can be found either “swimming” freely in strong currents, or attached to hard ocean floors by a thread-like anchor similar to a mussel’s beard.


Nutritional Information

based upon a 6 oz (171 grams) raw edible serving.

* Calories/Calories from fat
* Protein grams
* Fat grams
* Saturated fat grams
* Sodium milligrams
* Cholesterol milligrams
* Omega-3 grams


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