Green Lipped Mussels Flavor Profile

Greenlipped Mussels are plump, juicy, and have a sweet, delicate flavor and a tender texture. Flesh color ranges from cream (males) to light orange (females).

Alternate Names

New Zealand Green Mussel, Greenshell Mussel


Green Lipped Mussels have elongated shells with a brownish-green color at the base which becomes a lime-green at the lip.  Average market size is 3 1/2″ – 4″ but they can grow to 8″.

Range & Habitat

Green Lipped Mussels are native to New Zealand ane are cultivated there on rafts, ropes and longlines.  In the US they are available as a frozen product.

Typical Wholesale Products

These Mussels are available frozen whole or on the half shell.


Frozen product available all year long.

Nutritional Information

based upon a 6 oz (171 grams) raw edible serving.

* Calories/Calories from fat 145
* Protein grams 20.6
* Fat grams 3.6
* Saturated fat grams n/a
* Sodium milligrams 735
* Cholesterol milligrams 46
* Omega-3 grams .9


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