Baltic Mussels (mytilus trossulus) Alternate Names

Penn Cove Mussels (marketed as “Penn Cove Mussels”, not the Mediterranean Mussel which is also sold by Penn Cove Shellfish)


Baltic Mussels are Similar to Blue Mussels with dark blue/black shells averaging 2″ – 3″ long and approximately 25 each per pound.

Range & Habitat

Originally from the Baltic Sea these mussels are also grown along the Pacific Northwest coast from Washington to Alaska.

Typical Wholesale Products

Baltic Mussels are usually sold in 5 lb increments with an average of 15-20 mussels per pound.

Baltic Mussels Availability

Baltic Mussels, like Blue Mussels, are available all year long but are at their best from October – May when they are not spawning.  Fresh seafood availability chart: green areas show peak availability, light green show limited availability, gray indicates not available fresh.
Baltic Mussel Availability


Nutritional Information

based upon a 6 oz (171 grams) raw edible serving.

* Calories/Calories from fat
* Protein grams
* Fat grams
* Saturated fat grams
* Sodium milligrams
* Cholesterol milligrams
* Omega-3 grams


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