Sunshine Coast Oysters Flavor Profile

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Sunshine Coast oysters are from the pristine waters along the shores of the Sunshine Coast Regional District which is located on the mainland east of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They are a tray to beach cultivated oyster, spending much of their growth in submerged trays which keeps them safe from predators and creates multicolored shells. Then they are transferred to the beach for a little more than 3 months to harden their shells before harvest.

Sunshine Coast oysters have hard shells with deep cups and full meats. They have a hardy brininess, clean flavor, and a sweet finish with a hint of cucumber.

They are a new variety of oyster from the Pacific Northwest. It’s important to note that although there are over 65 varieties of oysters from the PNW the vast majority of them are from the Pacific Oyster species (Crassostrea gigas), so “variety” refers to region of origin and not species.


Sunshine Coast Oyster
Location Sunshine Coast District,  British Columbia
Species Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Oyster Availability Year Around
Size up to 3″
Oyster Cultivation Suspension Tray; Beach Finished for 3+ months
Oyster Flavor Profile Sunshine Coast oysters have hard shells with deep cups, full meats, a hardy brininess with a clean, sweet flavor and finish with a hint of cucumber.



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