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Miyagi Oysters are a Pacific Northwest oyster raised on the shores at the foot of the Olympic Mountains and are one of the oyster appellations of Hood Canal in Washington State. They are an Intertidal Beach Cultured Oyster with a beautifully fluted shell and take 3 to 4 years to reach market size.

Beach cultured oysters are raised on tidal beaches with sandy or rocky bottoms. They are accustomed to fighting the tides, clamping tightly shut during low tides to preserve their “liquor” and to protect themselves against predators. Because of this “tough” life, beach raised oysters are hearty. Miyagi oysters have hard, sturdy shells which shuckers like to work with. And their ability to close tightly, coupled with their hard shells, gives them a longer shelf life.


Miyagi Oyster
Location Hood Canal, Puget Sound, WA
Species Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Oyster Availability Year Around
Size up to 3″
Salinity 3.3%  (3.5% is full ocean salinity)
Oyster Cultivation Intertidal Beach grown
Oyster Flavor Profile Miyagi Oysters have full meats with a crisp flavor and a mild brininess.

See proper shellfish storage methods for the best way to maintain the shelf life and flavor of your oysters. Also, check-out our list of where to buy raw oysters.


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C. E. FREEMAN []    [ Jul 11, 2014 ]

Just found an oyster harvest basket on the West Side of central Whidbey Island.  This basket exactly matches those seen in photos of oysters harvested in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.  It could very well be one of the first pieces of debris found in Puget Sound from the 3/11/11 tsunami!  –  Curtis E. Freeman, Coupeville, WA

JOHNK []    [ Jun 30, 2014 ]

Had these oysters raw at The Fish Market in Sunnyvale in January 2014.  They are top shelf in my book.

Exactly like the description: meaty, crisp, and not too briny.  I thought it was up there in the top 3 oysters I’ve had.  Had good bulk to it and was a good value compared to the very tasty, but tiny, Kumamotos.

Give these guys a try if you can access them.  Everyone sitting at the raw bar with me that night eating them had the same praise.  They were that good.



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