Eld Inlet Oyster Flavor Profile Characteristics

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Eld Inlet Oysters are a Pacific Northwest oyster from the pristine waters of South Puget Sound. These oysters tend to have high levels of glycogen which gives them a sweet flavor and a buttery texture. Eld Inlet oysters are an intertidal beach cultured oyster. Beach cultured oysters are raised on tidal beaches with sandy or rocky bottoms and have to fight off predators and resist drying out during low tides when they are out of the water. Because of the “tough” life, most beach raised oysters tend to be hearty with hard shells which are easy to shuck. Eld Inlet oysters break the rules on this point because for some reason the wonderful growing conditons in this area result in oysters with thin shells. However, the meats have a wonderful buttery texture and a sweet flavor with a finish reminiscent of watermelon rinds.

Eld Inlet oysters have been around since the very beginning of oyster farming in the Puget Sound region and have enjoyed a reputation for producing quality oysters for over 100 years.


Eld Inlet Oyster
Location Eld Inlet, South Puget Sound, WA
Species Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Oyster Availability September – July
Size up to 3″
Oyster Cultivation Intertidal beach
Oyster Flavor Profile Eld Inlet Oysters have plump, very sweet meats with a buttery texture, a watermelon rind flavor and grassy finish.
Map See Eld Inlet Oyster Map

See proper shellfish storage methods for the best way to maintain the shelf life and flavor of your oysters. Also, check-out our list of where to buy raw oysters.


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