Cougar Creek Oysters Flavor Profile

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Cougar Creek Oysters are cultivated on the eastern edge of Vancouver Island in Baynes Sound, British Columbia. They are new on the market in 2016 as I have never heard of them before. And, they are a complicated oyster in that their cultivation involves 3 techniques…suspension tray, tumbling, and beach cultivation.

The result is an oyster which has beautiful multi-colored shells with deep cups, firm meats, and a relatively consistent size and shape. The taste of Cougar Creek oysters is smooth and briny with a sweet melon finish.


Cougar Creek Oyster
LocationBaynes Sound, British Columbia
SpeciesPacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Oyster AvailabilityOctober – July
Size3″ to 3 1/2″
Oyster CultivationSuspended Tray, Tumbled, and finished on the Beach for 6 months
Oyster Flavor ProfileCougar Creek Oysters have firm meats nestled in deep cups with a briny, smooth flavor and a sweet melon-like finish.


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