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Capital Oysters are cultivated in the pristine waters of Spencer Cove, Harstine Island, WA using the suspension tray and float tumbled system used for Shigoku oysters. Each tray has a float on it which causes the oysters to be naturally tumbled twice a day by the rise and fall of the tides.

The trays are attached to long horizontal lines which are positioned in the middle of the water column. The oysters never touch the bottom of the bay but are allowed to be exposed to the air as the trays spend some time floating on the surface of the bay before being submerged again by the rising tides. This exposure increases their shelf life as they learn to clamp tightly shut during this daily process. The result is a consistently shaped and manicured shell with exceptional depth and a shell hardness which shuckers will appreciate.

Since Capital oysters never come near the bottom of the bay but are always suspended in the nutrient rich waters they develop a clean, crisp ocean flavor.


Capital Oyster
Location Spencer Cove, Harstine Island, WA
Species Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Oyster Availability
Size up to 2 1/2″
Oyster Cultivation Suspension Tray and Float Tumbled
Oyster Flavor Profile Capital oysters are a petite oyster which have deep cups with mildly sweet meats, bright flavors, a crisp brininess and a clean finish.
Salinity 3.0% (3.5% is full ocean salinity)
Website Capital Oyster Company


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