Bruce’s Beach House Oysters

Bruces Beach House Oysters

Bruce’s Beach House Oysters are named after a famous pioneer village which was located just north of Willapa Bay. Although now deserted, the area was known for a very lively oyster industry between 1851 – 1880. The village was originally inhabited by the crew of the oyster schooner Robert Bruce. Their vessel had burned so in 1851 they chose to build cabins here and called the settlement “Bruceville”, which was later changed to “Bruceport” in 1854.

Today, Bruces Beach House Oysters are cultivated and raised in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor, Washington. They have a mild briny taste with a delicate texture and a seagrass finish. They are available year around and are among the world’s first four-star BAP certified oysters, available through Pacific Seafood.

Bruces Beach House oyster farm


Bruce’s Beach House Oysters
LocationWillapa Bay & Grays Harbor, Washington
SpeciesPacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Oyster Availability Year Around
Sizeup to 4″
Oyster CultivationSingle Seed Basket
Oyster Flavor ProfileBruces Beach House Oysters have a mild brine taste with a delicate texture and a seagrass finish. Four-star BAP certified.



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