Kumamoto Oysters from Humboldt Bay, CA

Kumamoto Oysters have a different naming structure than Pacific Oysters or the East Coast Virginica Oysters. While Pacific and East Coast Oysters are known by a specific brand name such as Fanny Bay or Blue Point, Kumamoto Oysters are simply sold as “Kumamoto Oysters”. I think this is because there are so few places which cultivate Kumos (maybe 4 – 5 sites on the West Coast), while Pacific Oysters have over 65 specific designations (names) which are usually the name of a bay or other geographical marker where the oyster is farmed.

Kumamotos from Humboldt Bay, California are raised by two cultivation methods, Tidal Basket cultivation and Long Line cultivation. They have virtually the same flavor profile and available sizes to choose from, but they do have different shapes. The Tidal Basket raised Kumos have deeper cups and a more sculpted shape to the shell. The Long Line raised Kumos have a “wilder” look and are more reminiscent of other cultivated Kumamoto oysters.

Kumamoto Oysters Humboldt Bay - Long Line Kumamoto Oysters Humboldt Bay - Tidal Basket

Humboldt Bay Kumamoto Oyster
Location Humboldt Bay, California
Species Kumamoto Oyster (Crassostrea Sikamea)
Oyster Availability Year Around
Size 1″,  1.5″,  2″,  2.5″  and  3″
Oyster Cultivation 2 varieties: Tidal Basket -or- Long Line
Oyster Flavor Profile Kumamoto Oysters from Humboldt Bay have a briny, sweet flavor.


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