York River Oyster

York River Oysters are one of the oyster appellations from the Chesapeake Bay region off the Maryland and Virginia coasts. They are cultivated in small quantities in the York River which empties water from the Virginia mountains. York River Oysters are rack & bag cultured oysters grown in mesh cages or bags which staked about one to two feet off the bottom. Oysters raised by the rack & bag method are protected from predators and do not become cramped for space as they grow.


York River Oyster
Location York River, Chesapeake Bay Tributary, Virginia, USA
Species Virginica Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)
Oyster Availability Year Around
Size up to 3 3/4″
Oyster Cultivation Rack & Bag
Oyster Flavor Profile York River Oysters have a medium brininess and a sweet finish.


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Visit the York River Oyster website.

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