Snow Hills Oyster Flavor Profile Characteristics

Snow Hills Oysters are from one of the oyster appellations from the Chesapeake Bay region off the Maryland and Virginia coasts.  They are farmed oysters rasied in floating mesh bags.  Grown in the southern end of Chincoteage Bay near the town of Snow Hill , on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Snow Hill Oysters are cultivated in a beautiful tidal paradise.  They have a salinity of 28 ppt.

Snow Hills Oysters have sturdy, paisley shaped shells which are whitish-brown in color.

Snow Hills Oyster
LocationChincoteague Bay, Chesapeake Bay Region, Virginia, USA
SpeciesVirginica Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)
Oyster AvailabilitySeptember – July
Sizeup to 3″
Oyster CultivationOff Bottom floating mesh bag cultivation
Oyster Flavor ProfileSnow Hills Oysters have a moderate salinity of 28 ppt. They have a cool ocean taste with a hint of freshwater sweetness and are comparable to New Brunswick’s Beausoleils.


See proper shellfish storage methods for the best way to maintain the shelf life and flavor of your Snow Hills Oysters.

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