Blue Point Oyster Flavor Profile

Blue Point Oysters have largely become a generic name for oysters harvested from multiple locations anywhere in the Long Island Sound in the New York & Connecticut oyster region. The result is that the flavor & brininess is all over the spectrum, from boring to quite good. They are a Bottom Cultured Oyster.

True, Genuine Blue Point Oysters Return!

In 1995 Chris Quartuccio established Blue Island Shellfish Farms and he has successfully brought back a True Blue Point Oyster with it’s characteristic brininess. He offers the only Genuine Blue Point Oyster. It has a consistently fresh, crisp, firm texture, with a sweet aftertaste that sparkles with salinity.


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Blue Point Oysters originated near the town of Blue Point, Long Island, situated on Great South Bay, New York. In the early 1800’s they were famous for their robust, wild flavor and it became the favorite oyster of Queen Victoria. The name Blue Point Oyster was so popular that many people pirated the name in the 1800’s until finally in 1908 the New York State Legislature passed a law stating, “No person, firm or corporation shall sell or offer for sale any oysters, or label or brand any package containing oysters for shipment or sale, under the name of Blue Point oysters, other than oysters that have been cultivated in the waters of the Great South Bay in Suffolk County.”

But somehow the law became “diluted” and Blue Point Oysters had become a generic term for any Long Island Oyster. But then in 1995 Blue Island Shellfish Farms opened and is now recognized as the only grower on earth of genuine Blue Point oysters.


Blue Point Oysters
Location Anywhere in Long Island Sound, New York and Connecticut
Species Virginica Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)
Oyster Availability September – July
Size up to 4″
Oyster Cultivation Bottom cultured
Oyster Flavor Profile The Blue Point oyster name has become generic and so the flavor can vary. Generally, Blue Point oysters have satiny, almost liquid meats with a high brininess and very mild flavor.Genuine Blue Point Oysters have a fresh, crisp, firm texture, with a sweet aftertaste that sparkles with salinity.

Visit Blue Island Shellfish Farms website.


Comments from before Site Migration

OYSTERFARMER2 [] [ Aug 01, 2015 ]

There are now upwards of 20 oyster growers other than Blue Island Oyster Co. that farm genuine Blue Point Oysters in Suffolk County waters of Great South Bay. This fact is a result of the Bay Bottom Leasing Program of the Town of Islip NY which commenced in 2013.


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Todd Rubenstein

We call our Genuine Blue Points “Blue Island GSB”. Blue Island Shellfish Farms has two New York farms now: The Great South Bay & Peconic Bay, where we grow our Blue Island No. 9. Blue Island Oyster Company was started as a division of Blue Island Shellfish Farms in 2012 to distribute fresh oysters and clams from point of harvest directly to restaurants, 1 to 2 days from harvest of origin. In addition to New York, we now have trucks on the ground in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa & Blue Island Oyster Bar, our… Read more »


Thanks for the great info @disqus_d1JnZlryrg:disqus. I appreciate the addition of quality info which will be useful to other readers.

Todd Rubenstein

You bet… I appreciate your passion and dedication to this site. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to provide content or information. Best! BTW, I can be reached at 844-SHUCK-IT … 😉

Todd Rubenstein

Here is a link to a short informational video about who we are…

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