Is this fish a flounder or a sole? Is there a difference? Is it a true sole or a Pacific sole? What is Plaice and what is the difference between Turbot and Greenland Turbot? When it comes to flatfish confusion abounds. There are many varieties of fish which are called “Sole” but are actually Flounder. The choice of the word “Sole” is a marketing ploy probably originally aimed at aligning these fish with the True Dover Sole which was so popular in Europe and continental cuisine. In the US, all commercially fished species of flatfish are Flounders…Soles are caught in European waters.

Common flatfish sold in the US and Canada include:

  • Alaskan Plaice – is a Flounder
  • American Plaice – is a Flounder
  • Arrowtooth Flounder – also called Turbot (but it isn’t)
  • California Halibut – is actually a Flounder
  • Dover – Pacific Dover Sole – is a Flounder, not a Sole
  • Dover – True Dover Sole – imported from Europe, this is the only true Sole on this list
  • English Sole – is a Flounder
  • Fluke – another name for Summer Flounder
  • Greenland Turbot – is actually a Halibut, not Turbot
  • Halibut – is a popular Flounder species
  • Lemon Sole – is a Flounder
  • Petrale Sole – is a Flounder
  • Rex Sole – is a Flounder
  • Rock Sole – is a Flounder
  • Sanddab – a Flounder
  • Starry Flounder
  • Summer Flounder
  • Turbot
  • Yellowfin Sole – is a Flounder

Check-out the pages above and let us know what you think of the info! If you have additional knowledge about any of these fish then leave a comment and share what you know.


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mario ribeiro

what s the difference between lemon sole and gray sole?


Only an ichthyologist or commercial fisherman who worked in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, north to south, and ate every kind of fish he encountered could begin to sort out both the proper identification and the eating qualities of so many species. Remember that the same common names are applied to different species from different oceans. But I think that detail-minded and avid fish-eaters can become familiar with many of their regional fish, and able to judge their eating qualities. I think that would be about the best one could hope for. After all, we eat fish for pleasure… Read more »

Charles White

Where can I buy petrale dole, please
Call or text me 323 791 1426

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