Skate Fish, Ray & Skate Wing Flavor Profile

Skate Fish Flavor Scale

Skate fish have a mildly pronounced flavor, firm flesh and a high collagen content which gives it a unique texture when cooked. The flesh is light beige to pinkish in color but becomes off-white when cooked. Their taste is similar to scallops. Do not over cook Skate or Ray as the flesh will break along the separations.

Typical Cooking Methods

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Deep-Fry
  • Grill
  • Poach
  • Saute
  • Smoke
  • Steam
  • Sushi

Alternate Names

Sting Ray, Ray, Raja Fish, Imitation Scallops
East Coast Skates include: Barndoor Skate, Clearnose Skate, Little Skate, Winter Skate, Thorny Skate
Pacific Coast Skates include: Big Skate, California Skate, Longnose Skate

Typical Wholesale Products

Skin-off wings, Skin-on wings, fillets, whole
West Coast varieties average 3-5 lbs per wing while East Coast varieties average 1-3 pounds per wing.

Purchasing Considerations

Fresh Skate fish should not have an ammonia odor; if it does then reject it.

Skate Fish Description (Rajidae)

Skates & Rays are a bottom dwelling fish related to the shark family and as such have cartilage instead of bones. They are shaped like a kite and although colors vary, most Skate are a brownish gray color. Skates are larger than Rays and have longer, more pointed snouts. Their “wings” are composed of multiple strips of flesh separated by strips of cartilage. Size varies greatly by species with the largest Skate reaching weights up to 200 pounds, but average commercial size is about 8-10 pounds whole fish.

The skin of Skates & Rays is tough and inedible. Like sharks, Skates eliminate urea through their skin, giving additional reason to remove it before preparing skate wing for service.

Big Skate jpgimage by Andrew Grygus for Clovegarden

Skate Wing-Uncooked jpgimage by FotoosVan

Skate fish image source Wikipedia


Fresh Availability

Fresh seafood availability chart: green areas show peak availability, light green show limited availability, gray indicates not available fresh. Skate fish is most available during the summer and fall, but winter harvested Skate is considered to be the best.



Skate Butchering Yield Percentage and Recovery

ItemTo Skin/On FilletsTo Skin/Off FilletsNotes
Whole Head/On gutted26% Yield rates vary widely by species.
Whole Head/Off gutted59%
Skin/On Fillets60%If you have additional yield info on this fish please leave a comment below.
Yield % varies according to a number of factors including: size of fish, season, sex, and the skill of your fishmonger.


Skate range jpgAquaMaps Data sources: GBIF

Range & Habitat

Skate fish are found in cold and temperate oceans worldwide as well as deep tropical waters. Their diet consists mainly of crustaceans, invertebrates, and the occasional small fish.

Skate Fish Sustainability Info

NameAlternate NamesCatch MethodCatch
Skate fish,
Raja spp.,
Leucoraja ocellata
Baja Fish, Imitation Scallop, Barndoor, Clearnose, Little, Rosette, Smooth, Thorny and Winter Skate
Raja binoculata
Big SkateWild – Bottom Trawl, Bottom LonglineUS – WA, OR, CAYellow-icon_20.pngGreen-icon_20.pngRed-Dot_20.png
Wild – Bottom TrawlCanada – BCYellow-icon_20.pngGreen-icon_20.pngRed-Dot_20.png
Raja inornata
Calafornia SkateWild – Bottom TrawlUS – WA, OR, CAGreen-icon_20.pngGreen-icon_20.pngRed-Dot_20.png
Raja rhina
Longnose SkateWild – Bottom TrawlUS – WA, OR, CAGreen-icon_20.pngGreen-icon_20.pngRed-Dot_20.png
Bottom longline, Bottom trawCanada – BCRed-Dot_20.pngRed-Dot_20.pngRed-Dot_20.png
Raja spp.
US, Canada – AtlanticRed-Dot_20.pngRed-Dot_20.pngRed-Dot_20.png
Disclaimer: The sustainability info above is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, each program randomly updates their information without our knowledge. We therefore recommend that you verify the current accuracy of this information.

Green-icon_20.png = Best Choice/Recommended     Yellow-icon_20.png = Good Alternative     Red-Dot_20.png = Avoid/Not Recommended
January 2015


How to Fillet Skate Video


Nutritional Information

based upon a 6 oz (171 grams) raw edible serving.

* Calories/Calories from fat163
* Protein grams36
* Fat grams1.2
* Saturated fat grams.38
* Sodium milligrams154
* Cholesterol milligrams47
* Omega-3 grams


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