Fresh Salmon Varieties & Species

Salmon has been an important food source in North America for centuries. Tribal Cultures have always considered salmon to be an essential food source and a sacred gift. The Northwest Native Indian people tell the story of how the Salmon People came and saved them. Today, wild salmon from the Pacific Northwest is the best salmon in the world.

There are six salmon species in North America. Chefs-Resources provides a culinary profile for each salmon. Follow the links on this page, or in the navigation menu on the left, to see detailed information for each salmon species. Or see the differences between salmon species.

Atlantic Salmon are an East Coast species which is primarily an aquaculture raised fish due to the limited availability of wild Atlantic Salmon.

Pacific Salmon species include five species:

Wild Salmon River Runs

Wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest have special names for the region they are caught. Copper River Salmon is the most well known specialty salmon. The Columbia River King or Spring Run Salmon are also a PNW favorite. Yukon River Salmon are a popular Alaskan run salmon.

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