Friday, July 16, 2010

Seafood MaryThis dish is a sampler appetizer of some of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite seafood.  Dungeness Crab, House Smoked Sockeye Salmon, fumet poached Scallop and Shrimp… King Neptune himself would savor this dish!  The bottom of the cup has finely diced cucumber & tomato.  And it is paired with a Seafood Mary Sauce, which is an updated cocktail sauce using fresh grated horseradish and fresh squeezed lime juice.  I feel that this ‘lighter’ sauce compliments the seafood better than a traditional cocktail sauce which is thick and tends to cover and mask the flavors of the seafood.

Seafood Mary Recipe

serves 1



3     Each       Dungeness Crab Fancy Legmeat

1     Each       U-10 Shrimp Alaskan Spot Prawn, poached, chilled

1     Each       U-10 Scallop, poached, chilled, cut in half to form 2 disks

4     Tbl          Cucumber, brunoise

4     Tbl          Tomato Concasse

1     Oz           Smoked Salmon on NW Skewer

1     Each       Lemon Wheel, thin slice

1     Each       Lime Wheel, thin slice

1     Each       Lemon Wedge, curled

1     Each       Fennel Sprig

1     Oz           Seafood Mary Sauce


Gently poach the Shrimp to Medium in 1 Qt fumet seasoned w/ 1 Tbl Old Bay.  Chill Shrimp in walk-in (do not chill in ice water as this will deplete flavor).  If the shrimp is cooked properly it should be slightly translucent in the center after it cools.  Do the same with the Scallop separately.

For assembly, use a Martini Glass or similar glass.  Arrange the cucumber on one half of the bottom of the glass and arrange the tomato on the other half.  Arrange the seafood in a presentable manner, trying to get each item to be visible out of the top of the glass.  Place a slice of lemon and lime wheel between the two slices of the scallop.  Add the lemon wedge and fennel frond garnish.  Finish with the Seafood Mary Sauce, poured gently down the center of the seafood but not splashing it all over.  Add another 2 oz of the Sauce to a side dish for dipping.


Seafood Mary Sauce Ingredients:

1 Qt V-8 Juice
3 Tbsp Tabasco
1  1/2 Cups Fresh Lime Juice
1 Cup Ketchup
3 Tbsp Fresh Horseradish, micro-planed
1/8 Tsp Sea Salt


Seafood Mary Sauce Procedure:

Combine all and mix well.  It may need a touch more lime juice or salt.

The Seafood Mary Sauce also goes well with fresh Oyster Shooters.  I recommend using Grey Goose Vodka in the shooters and a splash of the Seafood Mary Sauce.  There are over 65 varieties of raw oysters to choose from in the Pacific Northwest.  That’s a lot of Shooters!


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