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Our videos feature Chef-centric content, insights, and analysis by 30 year veteran Chef David Buchanan as he examines the challenges facing today’s professional Chefs. He dives into deep explanations about food cost control in the 40 Thieves of Food Cost (53 minute analysis!). In Restaurant Inventory Control part 1 & 2 Chef David discusses the best way to take inventory and he reveals how to analyse your ending  inventory sheets to find often missed money-saving errors which impact your food cost percentage. Knowing these insights can help make you more informed and better prepared for your P&L meetings, often with the result of fixing food cost problems which have to do with inventory accounting issues.

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Chefs Resources Video Tutorial Library

40 Thieves of Food Cost

53 minutes

Forty Thieves of Food Cost

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Food Cost % Myth

9.37 minutes

Food Cost Myth video

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Theoretical Food Cost -vs-
Actual Food Cost

12.40 minutes


Restaurant Inventory Control
– Part 1

17.20 minutes

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Restaurant Inventory Control
– Part 2

30.11 minutes

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Restaurant Inventory Control
– Part 3
Find/Fix Inventory Errors

13.28 minutes

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Prepare for P&L Meetings

40 minutes

Edit Excel Inventory Sheets

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How to make Excel Recipes Scalable

2.55 minutes


Sales Mix Form Overview
and Utilization

18.16 minutes



Other Video Tutorials for Chefs by Chefs Resources

Using Excel for Recipe Costing & Inventory Linking

16.28 minutes

How to Fix Number Appearing as Date in Excel

1.49 minutes


Demo of Restaurant Schedule Template using Excel

18.28 minutes


Use Excel for Event & Catering Planning

23.24 minutes


Change Currency in Excel

2.18 minutes


How to Unprotect Excel Worksheet

1.22 minutes




How to Use Excel to Create Kitchen Forms

34.47 minutes

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