Thank-you for your interest in scheduling a class or consultation. Please contact me via the form below, tell me which class or consultation you are interested in, and best days/times for you to meet (include your time zone!). My fee is $60 an hour broken down into 15 minute segments of $15.

Best days for me are:
Mondays 6pm – 10pm PST
Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am – 10pm PST
Sunday, Thursday 10am, or 10pm – 11pm PST
Saturday 10am – 11am PST
Other options may be available

Classes and consults are conducted via an online screen sharing tool called Zoom which allows me to share the tutorials on my screen with other people. Payment is required before the class begins and is completed through PayPal invoicing. After we work out the details of the class and a schedule date I will send you the PayPal invoice via your email address. You can pay using a variety of methods including visa, mastercard, discover card, and other methods accepted by PayPal.

Use the form below to start the conversation, then I will email you directly.

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