Washington Seasonal Foraging Chart

Foraging Seasonal Chart for the PNWForaged items lend an exotic, personal touch to a chef’s menu and speaks volumes when it comes to saying, “We keep our menu current and source local products.” But knowing what foraged produce is in season can be a bit of a challenge since many of Mother Nature’s most special treasures never appear at your local market.

I’ve put together a seasonal foraging chart for the Washington State area which should be pretty similar for the Pacific Northwest region in general. Of course, Mother Nature dictates the actual seasons for wild foods but this will get you in the ball park when you are planning a menu.

Finding a Forager

Of course, knowing when a particular foraged item is available doesn’t put it in your kitchen…you still need to find someone to harvest these gems. Talking with people at farmers markets may turn up some leads on professional foragers. Alternately, Charlies Produce and Hendrickson’s Produce both receive produce from local foragers. If you know of other foragers in the Washington area please leave their contact info in a comment at the bottom of the page.


Foraged Produce Seasonality
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
 Blackberries, Wild
 Blackcap Raspberry
 Cattail Shoots
 Dandelion Greens
 Devil’s Club Shoots
 Fiddlehead Ferns
 Huckleberries, Blue
 Huckleberries, Red
 Juniper Berries
 Licorice Fern
 Madrona Bark
 Maple Blossoms
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
 Miners Lettuce
Mushrooms (see chart)
 Oregon Grapes
 Raspberries, Black Cap
 Salal Berries
 Salmon Berries
 Saskatoon Berry
 Sea Beans
 Sorrel, Sheep Sorrel
 Sorrel, Wood Sorrel
 Spring Beauty
 Spruce Tips
 Squash Blossoms
 Wood Violet Greens


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Charles walker

My name is Charles Walker and I am an honest, loyal and picky forager. Mushrooms are my favorite. Heading out today for fresh morels near rmt. Rainer. Looking for buyers daily for all this week daily. Call/text 360265-9651

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