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Where do Chefs go to find the information they require? Chefs-Resources is a website geared towards the Professional Chef & culinary enthusiasts and it is a solid starting point. The purpose of the site is to build a culinary resource where Chefs can go for all their informational needs regarding culinary, kitchen and restaurant issues. The site is about information, not recipes.

Want to know what an acceptable yield is when you break down a whole H&G halibut? You’ll find it at Chefs-Resources, along with the yields of over 50 other fish. And the list of fish on the site continues to grow. Each fish listed includes it’s own profile page with information important to Chefs. What are alternate names of the fish, when is it available fresh, is it sustainable, what is the flavor profile, what is the nutritional information (which is converted to a 6 oz portion size rather than the typical 3.5 oz). Each page has an at a glance ‘flavor scale’ which lists intensity of flavor, fat content, and texture of the fish.

Need the flavor profile of an oyster you plan to put on the menu? Over 60 oyster varieties from the Pacific Northwest are listed along with their flavor profile, how they are grown and where they are grown. And the East Coast oyster index lists 50 varieties.

Chef David Buchanan has worked in kitchens for 30 years and is the creator of David lives near Bellingham, WA and continues to work in the industry as a Chef. “The idea of was born from a desire to have all my information available in one place at all times. I was constantly looking for information which I had discovered or researched at some point in the past, or which I had either at work or at home but not both. For instance, I had documented extensive yield factors for prime ribs but left the information on the computer at my last job. I researched the various wild salmon runs last season—but that was last year! Did Coho start running in June or July? And so on with all kinds of information. I wanted it all in one place and if I put it on the internet then I could access it any time from any computer. No more, Where did I put that? Was it an excel file or a word document? Is it at home or at work? What website did I see that on? Now I can even access the information on my cell phone!”

You’ll also find links to free downloadable versions of the IMPS Meat Buyer’s Guide for beef, veal, offal, and pork. All are in separate PDF files. There is a growing section on Kitchen Management Tools with information on Food Cost Control, free downloadable Prep Sheets, how to calculate Inventory Turns and more.

Looking for a culinary dictionary? You can search several dictionaries. How about culinary conversions? You’ll find that here too. The site also has a number of training videos on how to break down various whole fish.

Other unique information includes the volume capacity of various kitchen pans (hotel pans, half pans, etc). A great help for costing recipes is the dry spice yield conversion chart which shows how many tsp/tbl are in an oz of over 90 spices.

The site is five years old now and the intent is to eventually have accurate, useful information for Chefs in every region of North America. We welcome input, articles, Excel worksheets, and other tools which may be helpful/useful to other Professional Chefs. All content is of course overseen by the site administrator who welcomes the professional input of others but reserves the right to modify/delete content at his own discretion.

Visit Chefs-Resources home page now to check it out!


Contact David Buchanan at [email protected]

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