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After years of building this site, Chef’s Resources now has a plethora of downloadable content scattered  throughout our 400+ pages. In an effort to earn a token amount of cash for all our hard work, we have collected our downloads into one simple library for paid subscribers to access.

In addition to easy access to our downloads, paid members also have exclusive access to our Kitchen Management Basics Excel Collection which combines 20 of our Excel sheets into one simple downloadable workbook including 5 Recipe Templates, 6 Food Cost related forms, 2 Prep Sheets, Meat & Fish Butchering Logs, and more.

You’ll also have exclusive access to our Kitchen MEME library featuring MEMEs created by Chefs Resources for culinary professionals.

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DAVID BUCHANAN [ Nov 07, 2015 ]

OriginalBlue – a Scheduling Template is on my ToDo List but is not on the site yet.

ORIGINALBLUE [ Nov 06, 2015 ]

This site has been a great resource/reference…

I am looking for a scheduling template, but haven’t come across one yet.

Is the above mentioned available?

MCHRB [ Sep 21, 2015 ]

Thank you for making this site, it is very helpful for a newbie in the culinary industry. 🙂

CHEF GOOSE [ Aug 13, 2015 ]

great site for up and coming chefs all around the globe……… chef justo pica

culinary operations manager

icebar orlando

ROGUE CHEF [ Jul 27, 2015 ]

Wonderful content sharing site. very helpful. Thank you Admin!

BUTTERCREAMBAM [ Jul 26, 2015 ]

I am in love with this site! TY!!!!

ANGELSOFARKADIA [ Jun 22, 2015 ]

6 hours of web searching today and pow look what I found something that i really needed. ty ty ty ty

MAECAGGIANO [ Jun 22, 2015 ]

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community. I look forward to learning and sharing.

KIRKUP [ May 30, 2015 ]

This is an amazing site. Thank you

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Apr 28, 2015 ]

JOELLEN ZUK – Awesome! The purpose of the site is to be a resource for people in our industry, so its nice to hear “success stories”. And THANK-YOU for adding the site to your resources section…getting the word out is the greatest reward.

RIYAZ [] [ Apr 28, 2015 ]

I am agree with jolen.

JOELLEN ZUK [ Apr 28, 2015 ]

I am an instructor at the Institute for the Culinary Arts in Omaha, NE. I teach hospitality management courses, and one of their assignments in the Human Resources Management and Supervision course is to find and customize an employee evaluation form that you they would use in their operation. One of our on-line students used your form and on the form was a link to your website. What a wonderful resource you have provided for our industry. Your website will be added to our list of resources for our students and hopefully they will refer to your site as they begin their individual career paths.

Thank you,

Joellen Zuk

CHARLEY [ Apr 24, 2015 ]

Awesome !!!!1

ROCHELLO [ Apr 21, 2015e ]

Hello chefs!

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Jan 24, 2015 ]

My pleasure Chef Michel!


Chef David!

Thanks a million for this web site. This will help me so much with my work doing camp business in Northern BC.Canada. I am also a veteran in restaurant business with a new project in mind. This will help me tremendously to get it started on the right foot.



JSAMUS [ Dec 20, 2014 ]

This site is very useful and very informative. While many organizations require a fee just to download forms and gather information, this site is free… Thank you for creating this site.

CHUCKSDINER [ Nov 11, 2014 ]

Just found this resource site. I am excited to find it as I am taking the leap into fresh seafood sales in our restaurant here in Arkansas!

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Oct 08, 2014 ]

Welcome to the site Peru65, Chef Erich Chieca, zach5676, and alfredopastore.

PERU65 [ Oct 08, 2014 ]

Thank you Guys,I just register and i hope vto be able to learn a lot from you. I will also share some of my knowledge with the group.


ONEQUICKCHEF [ Oct 04, 2014 ]

Looks like a great site! looking forward to exploring and using the information as I work on my restaurant project. Although I am a vetern Chef, it has been awhile since I have set-up a new restaurant from scratch and many of my records and resources are out of date. Thank pulling and resourcing other to create a great data base of info. Chef Erich Chieca (Detroit, MI)

ZACH5676 [ Sep 29, 2014 ]

New member and very impressed!! I just finished my Associates Degree from Le Cordon Bleu in Restaurant and Hospitality Management. Within the first few clicks, I am very impressed with the spreadsheets and information available for download. Excellent resource site!

ALFREDOPASTORE [ Aug 29, 2014 ]

New menber, Website has wonderfull information been a professional chef i do apreciate the hard work to do a website of this nature and hopefully i can be part of the information & ideas exchange

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Aug 24, 2014 ]

I can do that Debbie. Send me your email address and which forms you are using. My email is chefs-resources@msn.com

THE DEB [ Aug 23, 2014 ]

hi Chef,

My name is Debbie, writing from Taiwan. First of all, I want to thank you for all the useful resources on your website. I downloaded some forms yesterday to help us do a better job on opening a bigger restaurant after 6 years of running a tiny one. Because of the language barrier, I wonder if i could ask for the password to unprotect the sheets so i can change some English to Chinese for my staff. Thank you very much.

Good day,


DAVID BUCHANAN [ Jul 10, 2014 ]

Welcome to the club Chef Meek!

CHEF MEEK [] [ Jul 10, 2014 ]

What a great resource, I have been using it for awhile but just finally registered!!! Thanks.

HARTENDRA [ May 22, 2014 ]

thank you for all information

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Mar 31, 2014 ]

Chef Udaykumar – thanks for the kind words! It is a lot of work to run a website, but when you can make time, it is a worthwhile endeavor.

KUMARAN1964 [ Mar 31, 2014 ]

This is just like and encyclopedia on line not only for the freshers but to professional who would like to refer.

Thous i am chef my self tried writing down my creations but never happened hope one day i will as this site is an inspiration.

Culinary Regards

Udaykumar Mani

Executive Chef

Dusit Residence Dubai Marina

CHEF ALI [ Jan 18, 2014]
this is a huge help for the young bloods that are working/study in the kitchen world. nice job!!
CHEFPATRICK [ Jan 12, 2014 ]

Its a refreshing feeling after going through the articles here, and am also glad that this is not a forum to share recipes, we have many of those around, rather its digging around the professional chef’s understanding of the kitchen in a management point of view, Kudos!

TODDIMME [ Jun 19, 2013 ]

Just read “40 thieves of food cost” under management tools. Great checklist. I help chefs with an online tool to reduce food costs by an average of 10%. I will definitely be sharing this site with all chefs I’m already working with. Here’s a little information about my cost reduction tool: http://bit.ly/19ivWTP

HIRED2BUY [ Jun 18, 2013 ]

As a professional chef support service, I am excited about joining CR. Please call on SPS anytime you seek product sourcing support or spend reduction solutions for your organization. You may also enjoy “the blog” @ https://purchasinginsights.blogspot.com

Best, Fred (912) 634-0030.

CHANDRU [ Mar 28, 2013 ]

I am new to this site.Its a brilliant site.The philosophy is very clear thats its for KITCHEN MANAGEMENT.wishing all the Best and great going



BASHER52 [ Mar 27, 2013 ]

just want to say thank you…my proffesor does not take the time to go over this..and i am lost…….this place helps

CHEF DAREL [ Mar 17, 2013 ]

I just joined the site. I was looking for a kitchen management source guide and “low and behold” I found my way here. Looking forward to utilizing the site and it’s many applications. Here’s to continued success.

Regards, Chef Darel


I just came across your site, good resources.

CHEFNELSON77 [ Jul 27, 2012 ]

Hi chef,

Very useful website and thank very much!hope to meet up with you one day.


Malaysia Borneo chef

HOTCHILLIES [ May 15, 2012 ]

The site is simply the best it has helped me greatly with cost control. You are a blessing

MITHUN [ Apr 07, 2012 ]

I like the site .. its great

SCOTT KIDD [ Feb 23, 2012 ]

Great site especially for mid management wanting to grasp concepts of administrative issues and controls.

MAC4723 [ Dec 07, 2011 ]

I’m in school studying Hotel/ Restaurant Management. This sight is a God send. Thanks!

BENKAINGU [ Oct 29, 2011 ]
Very resourcefull!
KUSHAL LAMA [ Oct 17, 2011 ]
just joined in…loved it
DON GUSTAVO [ Sep 29, 2011 ]

Thank you for the resources made available to us.

VIVIKTA [ Sep 28, 2011 ]

Good site to understand for chefs,chef & executive director vivek

RIBROWN [ Sep 15, 2011 ]

just joined the site, looking forward to talking and sharing with others.

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Jun 21, 2011 ]

Datcat, I’m very jealous! It’s a gorgeous day to be touring Hood Canal! You’ll find many delicacies I’m sure. I updated the oyster cultivation page to give some examples for each type of farming method.

DATCAT [ Jun 20, 2011 ]

Great site, just found you today when doing a sea beans/Hood Canal oyster research for work.

What’s missing from your site? Species examples in your oyster types. The only one that I saw mentioned was Kusshi. If you’re gonna mention one oyster…ya picked a tasty, easy to shuck, and expensive critter 🙂 I think that it would help pro cooks to add in examples of different types in each category..Like Penn Coves, Kummamotos, Treasure Coves, Shigokus, etc.

Day off tomorrow..I’m taking my motorcycle around Hood Canal to discover and taste oyster types that I haven’t tried from the local restaurant seafood suppliers. Yep. Delicious small batch oysters that don’t get shipped, but mebee I can get for my restaurant.(Don’t hate **giggle**) I’m gonna forage some sea beans, as well. Wish me luck. I’ll report back.

BUDDIKA [ Jun 12, 2011 ]

Actualy geat site I used , learnt lot

REDMILES [ Feb 23, 2011 ]

being a learner chef I glad to see this very good Templates….. Good Luck and more power

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Feb 09, 2011 ]

PEDICINIHILARIO – welcome to the site! Very glad you found some useful info here. I add new content each week. Tell a friend about us!

PEDICINIHILARIO [ Feb 09, 2011 ]

great site just found it and will use it alot

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Feb 03, 2011 ]


Very glad to hear that you found Chefs Resources helpful. Thanks for sending a link to other cooks. Getting the word out is always helpful for our growth. Regards – David

RUSTICJARAI [ Feb 03, 2011 ]

Great site for helping chef and cook of all level. I will forward this link to all the chefs cooking for us here in Cambodia.

All the best MD


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Hi, This is Chef Browne from India, I have joined today only, and I have found this site very helpful not only for young chefs but chefs like me who has more then 3 decade of experience also.
please advise/suggest how I cab be aregular particepent in theis site?

Abdulaziz Alrazouqi
Abdulaziz Alrazouqi

I subscribed earlier today, and then I canceled the auto-renewal. Now I cannot use my account and I cannot access the files at all. I believe I should have 30 days of free access for what I paid!!!!

Amyssa Maldonado
Amyssa Maldonado

Hello, I would like cancel my suscription, but it is hard to navigate this website. There is not link to easily cancel. It just keeps reloading the same page.

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