Whiteboard Chef Management Series

Chefs have so many hats to wear in order to be successful at their jobs, and so little time to actively continue their education or refresh their memories on things they have previously learned. So to help chefs get “a quick knowledge fix” I am undertaking a Whiteboard Chef Management Video Series which will be a variety of short videos summarizing key kitchen management topics.

As you go through the videos please feel free to ask questions, make comments, add suggestions and tell us your own best practices. The goal is to share knowledge and have intelligent conversation. The first video came out at the end of April, 2018…new editions will follow about each week.

Here is an index of topics which will be covered:

  • The Food Cost % Myth – why standard food cost evaluation techniques are insufficient
  • The Difference Between Actual & Theoretical Food Cost
  • How to use the Sales Mix form – my video on YouTube
  • Menu Layout Marketing aka Menu Engineering Concepts
  • The 40 Thieves of Food Cost – fine tuning food cost control
  • Proper Inventory Taking Process – the errors which cost you money
  • Verifying Inventory Extensions – the missing step which costs you thousands of dollars
  • 10 Tips for Managing Kitchen Staff Effectively
  • Tips for Winning the P&L Meeting Battle
    • How to Enter P&L Meetings with Confidence
  • The Art of Plate Presentation
  • The Kitchen Code – Ethos of the Professional Kitchen
  • Mise en Place – the philosophy or lifestyle of the Kitchen
  • The BOH -vs- FOH War – how to negotiate a reasonable and lasting truce
  • Best Practices for Restaurant Inventory/Recipe Software Implementation
  • 3 Types of Recipe Styles
    • “everything bagel” recipe style
    • “chef’s shorthand” recipe style
    • “chef’s menu” recipe style
  • How to Calculate Restaurant Productivity
  • Dealing with Murphy’s Law – he WILL show up…so have a plan


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