Using a Declining Balance Spreadsheet

Declining Balance Worksheet

I can hear what some of you are saying, “What exactly is a Declining Balance Sheet and why in the hell would I want to use it?” A declining balance worksheet helps you manage your food cost by keeping track of your month-to-date food purchases. If your food budget is $70K, you simply enter your daily food vendor invoice totals (not individual line item purchases, just the total food purchases per vendor per day), and the form calculates how much cash you have left for food purchases based upon your budget.

If your sales volume is on target for the month, then your food purchases should also be on track. This tool will let you know if purchases are in line with budget so that you can deal with it before over-purchasing becomes a problem. It is a forecasting tool. And, it is helpful for double-checking what the accounting department says you have spent on food when they produce your food cost report. The number they have for food purchases should be very close to what you have documented in the declining balance sheet has for a total. If not, then one of you have made a mistake.


The Declining Balance Worksheet is an Excel  spreadsheet which will keep track of how much budget you have left for monthly purchases.  Enter your monthly budget number in the cell where you see $50,000 and enter your daily invoice totals by vendor into the lower section.  The Declining Balance Worksheet calculates the rest!  It tells you how much total $ you have spent month to date, how much you have left to spend, and subtotals by vendor.

The chart comes with 16 columns for vendors and a separate tab/worksheet for each month.  Simply enter your vendors names.  Delete or add extra columns as needed.


The Declining Balance Worksheet is available to all Paid Subscribers
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Microsoft Excel required (not included)


To Unprotect the Sheet

The password to unprotect this sheet if you want to make additional edits is simply “Password“.
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HERI ROXX []    [ Mar 11, 2015 ]

I am rookie to this culinary business, find this website with a lot of useful tools help me a lot to get more perspective understanding this business. Thank you very much and GBU

CHEF GARNETTE []    [ Dec 09, 2014 ]

Hi Chef,

I really found your information here very useful. I Really appreciate for the time spent to build these templates and the resources spread on your site. Thank you. Keep it Chef B. Am right behind you.

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Aug 30, 2012 ]

I’m sorry but I don’t have it in an earlier version of Excel.  But I think you can download it and then save it as an earlier version.  Select “save as” and then try “Excel Worksheet” for the extension type.

REVSTAN []    [ Aug 26, 2012 ]

Any chance to get this in an earlier version of excel


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Cameron Kelly

I think a great addition to this would be a waste log that calcualtes your prepped product for waste purposes in this time of restaurants shutting down. I have taken protective measures, as a chef, to preserve as much as possible. Throwing away very little, but some of this has been donated to staff in their times of need.


Hello the upprotect Password is not working any help here?

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