Professional Chef Plate Presentation Tips Infographic

Food porn is about “painting the plate”, taking (hopefully!) good food and creating an aesthetically appealing plate design. It is applying an artistic eye to food. As good flavors stimulate the palate, so too artistic presentation stimulates the eye and makes an impression upon the palate (“That’s beautiful! This is going to taste great!” -or- “That looks hideous…I don’t even want to put that in my mouth!”) We will show you some of the plate presentation tips which professional chefs use to get the “that’s beautiful” response from your creations.

Is food porn needed? Does some of it go too far? That is all in the eye of the beholder (both the creator and the person consuming the food). Is food porn practical? Usually not. But is it valuable? Most certainly yes! One only has to check-out the numerous food porn images on Pinterest or Instagram to get a glimpse of how popular (and therefore important) food porn is to foodies, chefs, and the hospitality industry general.

Below is a plate presentation infographic which covers a few of the basics about good plate design. It is a brief summary of our original detailed article about the aspects of plate design. In essence, plate design revolves around basic geometric shapes: lines, arcs, circles, and triangles. These basic shapes are then interwoven with intrinsic characteristics which capture the interest of the eye: balance -vs- tension, color, elevation, white space (also called negative space), visual texture, symmetry -vs- chaos, and so on.

The best way to practice plate presentation is to take the same ingredients and try to create at least 5 different presentations. Use different shaped/colored plates, use different garnishes, perhaps a few different variations of sauces…but the same basic ingredients (starch, veg, protein) for each presentation. And take a picture of your creations. Looking at a photo gives more objectivity to the presentation and you will often see the design in a new light when looking at a photo and decide that something needs to be changed.

You are welcome to download and use this infographic on your website or article if you provide a link back to us

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Plate Presentation Tips for Chefs and foodies

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