Restaurant and Kitchen Humor

Those of us in the industry know that our profession is a stressful one. Servers have to be polite to arrogant pricks and deal with some of the dumbest people on the planet. Cooks get hammered with more orders than a person could possibly be expected to put out…and every plate had better be done correctly! But we are a strange breed. Some of the hardest shifts are also some of the funnest. Sure, we cuss and swear when we get nailed…but we also smile because we love the adrenaline rush, the challenge to excel, the chance to prove how good we really are.

To deal with the stress, restaurant and kitchen humor tends to be bawdy, brazen, bodacious (3 “b” words in a row?! oh well, it works). We poke fun and tease each other…a lot! If you have a “shallow skin” then you won’t make it long in the restaurant business unless you learn to toughen-up…it’s necessary. It’s not that we’re mean, we just tend to be more blunt.

Check-out some of these vids which depict the “fun” side of our business

Leave a comment and a link to some of your favorite funny kitchen/restaurant videos.

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