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The Executive Chef uses a large variety of kitchen management tools to organize and maintain his/her operation.  Chefs-Resources includes free downloads of excel files such as an assortment of Recipe Templates, Prep Lists and Declining Balance sheets.  There are also more complex tools such as the Food Cost Calculation File available for free download.  Also, check-out the Inventory Turns page to see how to calculate inventory turns.

The restaurant inventory control section covers each step of managing your end of month inventory, from taking inventory, to verifying credits & transfers, reviewing the inventory balance sheet, and the verifying the final inventory posting.

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We are constantly looking for more content to add to the site which Chefs and Restaurateurs will find useful.  If you have suggestions then leave a comment in the “Add Comment” section below.


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DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Nov 07, 2015 ]

OriginalBlue – unfortunately I don’t have a schedule template on the site yet. But its on my ToDo List to add one.

ORIGINALBLUE    [ Nov 06, 2015 ]

Hey David,

This site is a great resource…

I was looking for a scheduling template?

EBBONYCHEFF    [ Apr 20, 2015 ]

hi i dont see anything fo order sheets by catagories

ANDY []    [ Mar 16, 2015]

I’m the co-founder of KitchenNumbers, a new online app for managing professional kitchens:

FORTUNATO []    [ Oct 30, 2014 ]
The most used pos sistem in restaurant industry
JOHNNY LOPEZ    [ Jul 11, 2014 ]


I am a Chef opening a new restaurant. I had all my software and programs stolen from me when my pc was taken. I have decided to switch over to a mac. I have downloaded excel to my mac already. Know i need to know is can i download from this site the kitchen management tools costing,inventory, etc, templates to my mac? Or do i need a pc for the free downloads? Any help would be useful.

Thank you


CHEFSTEFANOLEONE @GMAIL.COM []    [ Oct 18, 2013 ]

Dear Chef

Hope this email finds you well and swell.

Looking for a standard Action plan form for the first 6 months,for executive chef.

Kind regards

Stefano Leone

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Sep 14, 2013 ]

Susan – That’s not supposed to happen?! Which file were you trying to download, and from which page? I’ll fix it. Also, did you try this at home or at work? If at work, your network firewall may be preventing downloads…try it at home to see if it works. Then email the file to yourself at work for easy access.

SUSAN    [ Sep 14, 2013 ]

This is going to be my go-to site. However, I registered and tried to download one of the recipe templates — and got the msg “You do not have permission to access the requested resource.” Can you advise?

CAMERON []    [ Nov 13, 2012 ]


If you’re still following these posts.

Without knowing the details of your restaurant, it is difficult to say whether I can be of help or not.

It sounds as if you are lacking in the record keeping and forcasting .I would suggest to do some indepth search online in regards to accounting software for small businesses.

There are a ton of examples of how MS quick books can be modeled for a small restaurant. this link is an example.

I realize most small restaurants often operate on a very slim margin which makes it hard to afford the level of software sophistication needed to take the next step forward. I have been fortunate enough in my career to have made the transition from a ” pencil and paper” chef to an F&B analyst with software provided from the employer to me and the various outlets to use. The transistion from the paper and pencil methods to electronic means have greatly improved record keeping in all aspects of the business; sales, labor, food costs, operating expenses etc…having these records has helped me to better forcast by business pans for the upcoming year. The purchase of such software is an investment, not an expense in my mind.

If your looking for a simple spreadsheet to simply calculate an ideal food cost for the business day or business period, this should be relatively easy..could be easier depending on the sophistication of your POS reporting and exporting your reports. There are alot of questions regarding how you keep track of your recipe costs and your point of sale reporting to be included in this post… I check on this site when my time allows…please respond to this post if your are interested in assistance.

Best regards,

CHEF SIMPSON    [ Nov 05, 2012 ]

HI Guys

Just gad a look at some of the gear on here, ive just finished a excell workbook with 8 sheets to it that i am using at my work place at the moment. it has been found quite usefull of late to help with the cleaning, wastage of a kitchen week. the more that is wasted a week affects everything which i have come to learn lately.

BILAL []    [ Sep 13, 2012 ]

I have a small restaurant in Pakistan, most of things are not doccumented for. I only have a pos which tells me of how much sales we did and for what product we did for. I am looking for your guidance of how to streamline my kitchen, inventory and accounts. If some one can help me in making a sheet from which i can calculate the daily food cost according to my sales and recipes ill be glad.

FSDS    [ Nov 26, 2011 ]

I run a company called FSDS Online that creates custom prep books for restaurants.  I use a standardized prep sheet/recipe form called a Food Safety Data Sheet (FSDS).  I’d love to be featured on your site if you are interested.

SUPERSTARZCHEF    [ Oct 10, 2011 ]

I have some MS Office pre-made sheets. I tailor mine to the needs of the kitchen. Par sheets, Inventory, Order Sheets, Yield Sheets (For Meat and Fish only), etc.

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Feb 12, 2011 ]

We use a very simple sheet to track waste. If you have a form you like send me a copy to review and possibly post on Chef’s Resources.

BNOVA []    [ Feb 12, 2011 ]

Do you use a food production planner to track waste?


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Cesar Lopez

hello guys,
im looking for a effective way to keep track of my food waste . Any ideas that you guys might wanna share ?

Cesar Lopez

hello guys,
im looking for a effective way to keep track of my food waste . Any ideas that you guys might wanna share ?


Same, i recently made a waste log to track items thrown away. Date/Product/Reason.. is there anything else suggested to add?


Hi just want to know kitchen controls from start to end, in what sequences is the cost control supose to happen. Any information on how to run a kitchen with a different manage style maybe. I have chefs not listening to rules or even hygiene procedures. It is s constant fight getting things done.

Kailey Hinz

Thanks your great informative article. I’m facing big problem about my Restaurant Kitchen management. At last I got solution. Thanks and keep it up.

Review Finds

Kitchen or restaurant management software or tools is very important for manage business easily. Thank you for share with this.

EssEmm Corporation

Simple Kitchen Management tool streamlines the operations and helps chefs to prioritize the works. Informative blog!

Samuel Piliouras

Need cleaning and closing duties templates.

Ziaual Haque

Thank you very much for sharing this article.

Alex Welch

How many people still use your platform? I am not seeing any recent comments or information. I have had my subscription for a while and looking to cancel unless content is updated.


Hi Guy,
Any one suggest the Avg. temperaturer, Which is best for hot counters.

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