Restaurant Maintenance Checklist Sheet

Maintaining restaurant ovens, coolers, steamers, alto shaams, and other equipment is costly yet necessary to keep your business running. Having a restaurant maintenance checklist sheet, or more specifically a kitchen maintenance checklist, helps keep track of how often a piece of equipment gets repaired, the cost of those repairs, specific part numbers of regularly replaced parts such as thermostats or rubber gaskets, and it helps keep track of vendors hired to do the jobs so finding a repair technician in the future will be easier.

A kitchen maintenance checklist is also handy for keeping track of specific equipment model numbers and associated parts. Have more than one hobart mixer, robot coupe, bar blender, or immersion blender? Having model numbers and previously replaced parts listed on a handy sheet will save you time hunting for that info.

Restaurant Maintenance Checklist Sheet

Tracking your restaurant & kitchen equipment repairs will also give you insights into future equipment investments. For instance, if you purchased 2 ovens but each is a different brand such as Viking and Jade, having a list of repairs for each unit can let you know if one performs better than the other based upon the frequency and cost of repairs. This info can help you make purchasing choices in the future.

A restaurant maintenance form can also be used to keep track of regularly scheduled maintenance for your equipment. If using the form on this page, I have labeled one Excel tab as “Repairs” and another tab as “Maintenance”. The form is identical on both tabs but it will be easy to keep track of repairs -vs- routine maintenance. If you have an owner’s manual for your various pieces of equipment, use it to enter future dates of maintenance which they recommend. That way you don’t have to guess or scrounge around for the handbooks in the future. Simply glance at your maintenance log and schedule it.

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