Restaurant Kitchen Order Guide Template with Excel

Excel is probably the most versatile and most powerful software that a Chef can use on a daily basis to help manage a kitchen. It can be used to calculate food cost, manage inventory items and costs, write & cost out recipes, create schedules, plan/organize catering and off-site events, manage the opening of a new venue…the list is limitless. One of those possibilities is to use Excel to create a restaurant kitchen order guide template for your broadline vendor ordering, such as Sysco, US Foods, etc. as well as for your specialty vendors such as seafood, meats and so on.

Restaurant Kitchen Order Guide Template

The advantage of creating your own ordering guide template is that then you can organize the sheets to match the way you do your ordering. You can organize them by storage area (dry goods, cooler 1, cooler 2, etc). Or perhaps you prefer to organize them by category (dairy, produce, seafood, dry goods, etc). Or maybe you want to organize the sheet by shelf so as you walk through your storage areas everything on the sheets matches a shelf. Or perhaps you want a combination of each of these organizational options. All of this is possible with a simple Excel ordering template.

You can also create separate ordering guides for different vendors, or perhaps for different categories (Sysco order guide, seafood order guide, produce order guide, etc).

Another advantage of using an Excel ordering guide is that most broadline distributors can send you a csv file of all the products you have ordered. A csv file is kind of like a simple text version of a spreadsheet and can be easily used to add all of your purchased products to an Excel file without messing up the formatting structure of your order guide template. Simply copy what you want to add to your order guide and use the Excel “Paste Values” option when you paste it into your form.

This Excel order guide template has the following columns which you can use to organize your items:

  • Inventory ID # (if you use an inventory software such as ChefTec, Red Rock, MarketMan or whatever, this column allows you to assign your software ID # to a specific item. If you don’t need this info, then simply delete this column)
  • Vendor Item # (the item number your vendor assigns to each item. Having this can make sure that you get the correct item)
  • Item Description
  • Pack Size (such as 12/2 lb)
  • Order Unit (the unit size you typically order…case, each, lb, etc)
  • Par Level
  • Delivery Days

If you choose to add headers throughout the sheet for separate storage areas or for separate categories, you can copy and paste from the Example Tab (pictured above) and simply name the storage area as you desire. This is nice because it organizes your order forms better and lets you quickly and easily skip to a specific section of your ordering template.

For printing this form, the best Page Layout settings are: Landscape, Magins left and right at about .3″, and set the page Width to 1 page and Height to automatic. This will force the form to fit the page as far as width goes.

Restaurant Kitchen Order Guide Template
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Note: Microsoft Excel required (not included)

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Philip McCulloch Sr

This something that has many options, however, most don’t fulfill what they are selling. Glad to see it here from a reliable source.

Pianos Mbengo

Iam very happy to know what i failed during my college days!

Dan Russell

I am trying to generate a shopping list from my PAR inventory sheet. Ideally, i would have a formula that puts an item on a sheet if it needs to be ordered without having to look thru the PAR everytime I shop. Does anyone have a macro or a formula that would accomodate?

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