May 23, 2020

Restaurant COVID-19 Sanitation Checklist

After several months of a national lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the restaurants which have survived the catastrophic loss of revenue are finally in the process of reopening, or are organizing plans to reopen. Different states have implemented different plans and regulations, as well as different timelines, for when and how restaurants can reopen. Here is our compilation regulations/recommendations from various sources for a  restaurant COVID 19 sanitation checklist to help during the reopening process.

The form includes a “big picture” Evaluate the Standards tab and a COVID-19 Sanitation Checklist tab for daily operations. The Evaluate the Standards tab will can help you organize your plan for reopening your restaurant, including operational changes such as distancing between tables, guest group size limitations (based upon local regulations), the use of masks by staff and guests, and other considerations. The purpose of this tab is to update it with your local regulations so you know everything which is required to pass local requirements to get open. And use it to add your specific company standards as they apply to “optional” or “recommended” state mandates. This tab will give you the big picture so you can “see” what needs to be done, changes to previous work habits which need to be implemented, and a list of things to accomplish, verify, and follow-up on.

restaurant covid 19 procedures form

Once the Evaluate the Standards tab is filled out, you will have a clearer picture of what new practices and new staff training needs to be implemented. And if some jobs need to be re-defined (such as do servers touch dirty dishes or do bussers who clear dirty plates also pour water) you will know what changes to job descriptions need to be made. You will also have a better idea of how to update daily routine lists to meet the new standards. Which brings us to the second tab, the COVID-19 Checklist.

The COVID 19 Sanitation Checklist tab is a customizable daily checklist which you and your management team can use to help create new habits and verify that new standards are being both remembered and adhered to. The form is meant to be edited by you after you have completed the Evaluate the Standards tab, using the info from that section to customize daily routines to your specific standards.

This will include what specific items need to be sanitized more frequently (door handles, POS screens, phones, common touch areas, etc) and well as allow you to define how frequently these tasks should be done (frequently, every 30 minutes, after each guest leaves, etc).

restaurant COVID 19 sanitation checklist

As a note, the easiest way to edit the worksheets is to first remove the rows which do not apply to your operation using the “Delete Sheet Row” option from the Excel tool bar. This will remove excess clutter so you can focus on what is actually needed. Then edit the remaining list, or insert new rows as needed.

Restaurant COVID-19 Sanitation Checklist
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