How to Create Forms with Excel – a Chef’s Tutorial

Knowing how to create forms with Excel is an essential skill for today’s multi-talented Chefs. If you know how to use Excel, then you can create your own prep lists, opening/closing lists, ordering guides, inventory sheets, kitchen training guides, recipe templates, re-opening timelines/plans…virtually any kind of form you need to run a successful kitchen.

How to create forms with Excel

And knowing how to create simple formulas will allow you to edit existing recipe templates to make them scaleable, or to add costing to recipes which currently are not costed out. In this video I’ll show you many of the basics of how to use Excel.

Index of timestamps for how to create forms with Excel:

  • :52 Customize Quick Access Bar w/ additional shortcuts
  • 2:12 Add Tabs
  • 2:26 Customize Tab name, color, protection and more Tab options
  • 3:25 Copy text
  • 3:47 Past text (including options)
  • 4:15 Insert Rows (shortcut button)
  • 4:28 Select/Modify/Format entire Column
  • 4:56 Adjust Column Width manually
  • 5:05 Auto adjust Column Width to widest content in column
  • 6:02 3 different ways to Copy
  • 6:43 more Paste options
  • 7:08 Align Text (center, left, right), Bold text
  • 7:26 Format Borders/Lines around cells
  • 8:42 turn Grid Lines Off
  • 11:38 Copy & Paste variations with and without Formatting
  • 12:33 Merge Cells
  • 13:26 Expanding the Formula Bar to see all content in a cell
  • 15:27 using “Alt + Enter” to force text to next line in single cell
  • 16:55 Vertical Align Text (top, center, or bottom)
  • 17:46 Page Layout and Set Print Area
  • 19:08 Force Layout to 1 page wide, or 1 page high (or how many pages you choose)
  • 20:48 Make recipes scaleable (how to use formulas)
  • 26:04 Create small batch and large batch scaleable recipe
  • 29.31 Add costing to existing recipe
  • 32:07 Create “Sum” formula for entire region
  • 32:46 Add food cost %, sales price, margin

Video Tutorial – Use Excel to Create Kitchen Forms

Open Excel on your computer and try to replicate these examples of how to create forms. Use the timestamps above to remember key techniques. And please leave a comment below, or share the page/video with others who may be interested.

If you are interested in seeing some more advanced techniques for Excel, check-out this link for sorting and organizing data.

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Pianos Mbengo

This is the best of the best. For the past years i was wondering how can i upgrade myself in all these important areas. Welldone and i salute you.

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