Cook Evaluation Form image 2An employee evaluation is your chance to get both you and your team members “on the same page” so there is no ambiguity as to your expectations and the employee’s work performance.  It is your opportunity to praise excellent staff members, and to educate those team members who are “work ethic impaired”. It’s purpose is to move staff “up or out.” Meaning that you are giving them positive criticism of their work performance including specific areas of both strength and weakness.

And of course the expectation is that areas of weakness need to be improved upon, especially a rating of “1” or “2”. Failure to show improvement indicate either an unwillingness or an inability to meet the basic standard of “3”.

Employee Evaluation Process

In order to have a successful staff evaluation process, here are some common suggested practices.

  • Be sure that the employee has been properly trained and has a copy of their job description and expectations.
  • Make an appointment with the team member, allowing up to 60 minutes.
  • Be sure that you have a quiet, private area for the evaluation.
  • Give a blank copy of the evaluation to the employee prior to the meeting and let them rate themselves.  This may give you some insight into their perspective.
  • Always have another supervisor in the room with you during the evaluation, with one of you being the same gender as the employee.
  • Specify the goals and purpose of the evaluation process: to accurately communicate your expectations, acknowledge good performance, improve poor or weak performance, establish new performance expectations, receive feedback regarding the expectations, create a plan for expected improvements.
  • Try not to do all of the talking.  Ask questions during the evaluation.  Give them the opportunity to express how they think & feel about particular questions and what they need in order to be successful.
  • Always have an area on the evaluation where the employee can give “their side of the story” regarding the evaluation, especially if they have disagreements.
  • Be sure that your evaluation is balanced and includes areas in which the team member does well.  Do not focus only on the faults.  Most employees respond better to the pat on the back than to the switch on the ass.  Appropriate praise is a key part of staff morale.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form for Cooks

Cook Evaluation Form image 1 jpg
The image is a sample of part of the this download.  It is easy to modify the evaluation criteria to meet your own needs whether you have a fine dining establish, a coffee house, or a cafeteria.  This form is created with a rating system of 1 – 5 where “3” is the standard expectation of all staff.  A “3” is the average, good employee who meets the basic standards of their position, thus, most of your team would receive a “3” by this rating system.

A “5” is very hard to get and only an exceptional employee can achieve a “5” in any given category.  If a team member gets an average score of “5” throughout the entire evaluation then it is time to consider promoting that employee to a higher position.

A rating of 0 – 2 on any category indicates a need for improvement on that specific part of their job performance.  An overall average score of anything less than “3” is a clear indication that either this employee has not received proper training or they need to receive the boot.

Cook Job Performance Summary

The Performance Summary area at the end of the form provides a space for “Skills to be developed”, and this is useful for all types of employees whether star players or on the short bus out of town.  For star players you can plan additional opportunities for growth and instruction.  For those who need to be worked “up or out” it provides an area for detailed expectations to be met on a specified timeline for future evaluation.

Each individual criteria is graded 1 – 5, then all are added together and the guide at the bottom determines the average of the total score.

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