Tracking Your Meat Yield Percentages

If you break-down beef, lamb, pork, and other primal cuts or sub-primals into steaks and other products for your restaurant then knowing your actual yields, and the accuracy of your meat cutters, is essential to managing your yields and your costs. If your crew simply takes a whole tenderloin, or any other cut, and goes at it without any type of record keeping, then there’s a good chance that you are losing money, especially if you have multiple butchers.

Industry standard yields for primal and sub-primal cuts are hard to find, and of course vary based upon animal and size range. But if you purchase the same size (say a beef tenderloin 189 6-7 lb avg) then using the Butchering Yield Form below can help set standards in your establishment based upon the exact cuts you expect and the skill of your best butcher. Once you have standardized yields you can then compare everyone’s work against that standard and help train your staff on how to increase their skill so as to meet the standard.

Beef Butchering Yield Form

Here are basic descriptions of the form’s usage:

Primary Use Yield A

Use this area to indicate the primary use and spec for the product. In the example it is for 8 oz Center Cut tenderloin steaks.

Primary Use Yield B

If you have a second primary use item, such as 8 oz end cut steaks (or smaller steaks) after you have cut your Primary Usage product, then use this area to indicate the item and its specs. In the example it is for 8 oz End Cut tenderloin steaks.

Secondary Use Yield C

Use this area to indicate what you will use the scrap meat for.

Cryovac Weight

Cryovac is the weight before the item is removed from cryovac which will include your blood loss.

Raw Weight

Raw Weight is the weight of the meat after removing it from cryovac and discarding the blood. You will usually have some blood/liquid loss so the weight is typically less than the Cryovac Weight.

Primary Usage Weight

This is the total yield weight of meat for your Primary Usage Items. In this example the primary usage is for steaks and the yield wt of all steaks (Center Cut & End Cut steaks) is 3.5 lbs.

Trim Weight

Is the weight for all the usable scrap meat which will be used for your Secondary Use item, which in this example is sirloin burger.

Waste Weight

Pretty obvious…this is the weight of all your waste…fat, sinew, etc

Yield Quantity A

Is the yield quantity of your Primary Use Yield A items. In the example it is 5 Center Cut steaks.

Yield Quantity B

If you have two Primary Use items then this is the yield quantity of your Primary Use Yield B items. In the example it is 2 End Cut steaks.

Yield Quantity C

This is your Secondary Use item. Here it is for Sirloin Burger and is a weight which is identical to the Secondary Usage Weight column. However, if you were cutting NY steaks then you might only have one Primary Use Yield A item (Center cut NY steaks), no Primary Use B items, and a Secondary Use of Vein Steaks or Breakfast Steaks which would then have a quantity rather than a weight.

Beef Butchering Form Yield_Example


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I appreciate the forms you have posted on your site. I would like to add that it is important to make sure the cryovac weight (or an additional column) matches the amount you accepted into inventory and are being invoiced for. This should be the total of pieces in the cryovac column but I have seen variances. Thanks.

sunanda kumar

This is great initiative for chefs

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