Freshwater Fish Culinary Profiles

Freshwater Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Lake Smelt, Northern Pike, Whitefish, and Trout are considered to be game fish but are also available for restaurants to purchase and put on their menus. They are available both from wild and aquaculture-raised sources.

But having said that, with the exception of Rainbow Trout and Catfish, the availability of freshwater fish is limited, especially for fresh product. Walleye and Perch tend to be more readily available, but the other species are more difficult to find a consistent source for. And as you would expect, availability changes with the time of year. Frozen IQF product is of course easier to find than fresh fillets. Wholesale pricing is available for restaurants.

Here are a couple of possible vendors:

Below you will find an index of our Freshwater Fish culinary profiles for fish in North America. If you are looking for Salt Water Fish then check out our index under Seafood.


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