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15 Features Food Experts Say to Look for in a Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important and most used areas of your home, and for anyone who loves to cook, having a functional workspace makes all the difference. A kitchen should not only be large enough to work in but should have all the most necessary features to allow you to cook with ease, whether you live in a condo or in a house. Take a look at what some experts had to say about important features to have in a kitchen if you love to cook.

15 Features Food Experts Say to Look for in a Kitchen

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Hawke Morgan

I agree with all their points. I had a ‘professional’ help me design my kitchen. He forgot a couple of details. Like needing a faucet big enough to reach both large, deep sinks. I ordered a triple sink, two large with a small that held the garbage disposal. My home-style faucet barely enters the two larger basins. My two partners out-voted me on my desire for a central island, claiming it would make the kitchen seem too small. So, I have this lovely cavern, 12×19, and believe it or not, we still get in each other’s way when any of… Read more »

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