How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet or Workbook

Here is a simple video demo on how to unprotect the Excel sheets and workbooks which I have created on this site. Although many of the sheets I’ve created are “protected” there is no actual password. On the Excel menu bar click on: Format, then click on Unprotect Sheet. If a password popup box appears just leave it blank and click “ok”. For most of my Excel sheets you will be done. But if it says that the password is wrong, then look at the tabs on the bottom left of the Excel workbook you are trying to unprotect. There will either be a tab named “Info” or “Instructions”. Click on that tab and if there is a password assigned to the workbook you are using then it should be listed on that page.


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Dalvin Allen

how do I cost out my recipes?

Alexis Webb

I keep getting an error message when I try to rollover the schedule saying “run-time error ‘1004’
“you can’t paste this here because the copy area and paste area aren’t the same size”. I’ve tried everything I know how but nothing changes. I can copy and paste one cell at a time but that’s time consuming.

Elizabeth Nelson

Hi there! I need to change the date on “Sales Mix” followed the instructions, was followed by a pop up window asking me for password. Please assist. Thank you….Cancel that I was able to locate the password. Thank you again!



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