Kitchen Management Videos for Professional Chefs

If you are involved in managing a kitchen crew, developing recipes, implementing recipes, or executing on-site or off-site events (caterings), then you need to learn how to use Excel. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lead line cook or a regional executive chef, Excel is your “mental mise en place” tool for organizing any project in the kitchen. Knowing how to use it will make your life easier and your kitchen/s more organized.

Although Excel is primarily known for its calculating abilities, it is also extremely powerful and versatile when it comes to planning complex projects. This is where Excel can be extremely helpful to the chef. Once you get through “the learning curve” of how to use the software you will become an organizational master. Use Excel to create your own: recipe templates, prep lists, order sheets, inventory sheets, to plan caterings/banquets, implementing a new menu or concept, for staff evaluations…anything.

Many of these videos have entire pages of tutorial content created here on Chefs Resources, so they will open to that page on our site rather taking you to YouTube which only hosts the video w/o the extra content.

How to Use Excel – Video Tutorials for Chefs

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Excel for Event Planning and organization

Excel for Project Planning

This tutorial shows how to use Excel to plan anything, from a new recipe to opening a new restaurant.
Free Excel worksheet available*

How to use Excel to make Recipes Scalable

How to Make Recipes Scalable

Shows how to easily scale an Excel recipe so all units of measure can be a 1 times batch or 100.
Free Excel recipe template available*

Using Excel for Recipe Costing and Invenvetory

Excel for Recipe Costing & Inventory

Detailed tutorial of how to link recipes to inventory in Excel.
Free Excel worksheet available*

Excel-unprotect sheet

How to Unprotect a Sheet

Brief tutorial showing how to unprotect my Excel templates so you can do additional editing.

Kitchen Cooks Schedule

Kitchen Schedule Template

Get this form to create your kitchen schedule.

Excel-Change Currency

How to Change Currency

This tutorial shows how to change the currency from U.S. dollars to any other currency.

How Chefs can use Excel

Use Excel to Create Forms

This tutorial show how to create your own kitchen forms.



* A compatible version of Microsoft Excel is required on your system in order to use any of the downloads. We do not provide or sell Microsoft Excel.


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