It used to be that fishmonger skills were an essential part of a chef’s culinary education. But in today’s world you can have your fish vendor prepare your fish for you and have it delivered to your door in any spec you choose. But, knowing how to break down fish is still an important skill for chefs to know, and in some operations it can save you money to do it in house.

Different fish species have different bone structures so it can be hard to know how to butcher a fish you’ve never utilized before. Improve your skill and increase your yield percentages by checking-out the videos below. I’ve scoured the web looking for some of the best fish butchering tutorials and here is the “library” I’ve found. All videos are from YouTube and some will open in a new window on YouTube’s site. If you do fillet your own fish be sure to use a butchering logso you can track the yields from different fish and the skill level of different fishmongers.

If you know of an excellent tutorial video of a fish listed below, or one not listed yet, leave a link in the comments section. If I like it I’ll add it to the library. If I don’t then I will probably delete the comment (sorry).

How to Fillet Fish Video Tutorials
How to Fillet Barracuda


How to fillet Barracuda

Fillet Barramundi and Snapper


The Barramundi demo starts at 7:58,
the first demo is of Red Snapper

Fillet Black Cod aka Sablefish

Black Cod (Sablefish)

Breaking down Black Cod into fillets

Fillet Cod & Cod Cheeks

Cod & Cod Cheeks

Filleting whole Cod

Fillet Eel


How to fillet live eel…not for the squeamish!

Fillet Eel

Eel – video 2

a second look at how to fillet eel

How to Fillet Halibut


cutting from the side into 2 halves
produced by Chefs Resources!

Ad Placement Fillet a whole Macherel


How to fillet from a whole head-on fish in the round

how to illet Mahi mahi

Mahi mahi

a video produced by Chefs Resources!

Fillet Ono also called Wahoo

Ono (Wahoo)

pro fishmonger breaks down this fish

How to Fillet Opah


The filleting starts at 4:00 minutes

How to fillet whole Salmon


how to fillet a whole Salmon
produced by Chefs Resources!

How to trim Salmon Fillets

Salmon rib bone removal

How to remove the Salmon rib bones
produced by Chefs Resources!

How to Skin a Salmon Fillet

Salmon skin removal

How to remove Salmon skin
also produced by Chefs Resources!

Fillet whole King Salmon

Salmon – pro Fishmonger

professional fishmonger gives a demo

Fillet Sardines


Shows several different methods to prep Sardines

Fillet Snapper

Red Snapper

First part of video is Red Snapper, second part is Barramundi

Fillet Lemon Sole


Excellent examples of right and wrong techniques for filleting Lemon Sole

Fillet a whole Sturgeon


How to fillet a whole Sturgeon

Fillet an H&G Sturgeon


How to fillet an H&G Sturgeon
a Chefs Resources video!

Fillet Tuna


How to fillet Yellow Fin Tuna
a Chefs Resources video!

Fillet Whiting


Great demo with good directions


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