How to Break down Beef

I have often wondered where the various cuts of steak come from on a cow. I know where the Tenderloin and Top Sirloin are located…but where exactly on the animal are the Flat Iron Steak and Mock Tender located? And what is the difference between a Swiss Steak, Flank Steak, and London Broil?! This video takes you through the entire process of buthchering a side of beef in primal cuts, then into sub-primal cuts, and finally into specific cuts of steak. Gregg Rentfrow gives excellent direction both on where the various cuts come from and how to break them down yourself. The index below shows the approximate time that he begins the discussion on each cut of beef.
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Index of Video Content:

  •  5:26 Fajita Meat, aka Diaphram
  •  8:10 Bone-in Short Ribs
  •  9:30 Bone-in Ribeye
  •  9:58 Rough Boneless Ribeye
  • 10:25 Beef Baby Back Ribs
  • 11:09 Retail Boneless Ribeye
  • 13:20 Brisket
  • 17:00 Corned Beef Brisket
  • 21:40 Top Blade Steak
  • 23:07 Flat Iron Steak
  • 25:18 Petit Shoulder Tender
    aka Petit Tender Medallions
  • 26:18 Clod Heart
  • 26:49 Chuck Tender
    aka Scotch Tender
    aka Mock Tender
  • 29:18 Chuck Roll
  • 31:04 Chuck Eye Steak
    aka Poor Man’s Ribeye
    aka Delmonico
  • 33:09 American Roast
  • 34:50 Boneless Short Rib
    aka Denver Cut
  • 35:20 Flank Steak
    aka Swiss Steak
    aka London Broil
  • 40:00 Steamship Round
  • 43:31 Roughcut Cap-on Knuckle
  • 44:12 Cap-off Tip
  • 45:14 Top Round, Gooseneck,
    Bottom Round, & Eye of Round
  • 46:22 Eye of Round, Bottom Round
  • 48:17 Bottom Round Trim
  • 51:30 Suet aka Kidney Fat
  • 52:35 Tenderloin, Striploin,
    Porterhouse, T-Bone
  • 56:30 Top Sirloin, Bottom Sirloin
  • 57:30 Bald Tip Steak
  • 57:40 Tri Tip Steak


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