Tojiro DP 8.2″ Gyutou Knife Review

October 17, 2016


Tojiro Gyuto DP knife reviewStar Rating: 4 Stars
Overall Rating: Superior Quality Professional Knife
Knife: Tojiro DP 8.2 inch (21 cm) Gyuto Knife
Brand: Tojiro
Bladesmith: Unknown
Made In: Niigata, Japan
Blade Construction: 3 layers of Stainless steel with a VG-10 steel core that extends to the edge which is overlaid with a soft outer stainless steel exterior which provides toughness & sheen.
Blade Thickness: 1.8 mm at spine to .8 mm at tip
Rockwell Rating: 60
Edge: Double-beveled blade with a 9° – 12° angle
Handle: Triple-riveted black Staminawood (other sites say Micarta or Magnolia wood)
Tang: Full tang with triple rivets
Weight: 5.6 oz (159 g)
Total Length: 13″
NSF Approved?: The construction appears to meet NSF standards but I cannot find an official NSF approval seal
Cleaning: Handwash in warm water and towel dry. Do not place in dishwasher.
Cost: About $64 on
Availability: Currently available (Oct 2016)
Warranty: Contact the seller directly for warranty info

Tojiro 8.2″ Gyuto Knife Review Summary

Star Rating: 4 Stars
Overall Rating: Superior Quality Professional Knife

Joe Bartlett aka The Knife Nerd helped me do another knife review. This was not an “out of the box review.” Joe has had this one in his collection for about 1 year, and has loaned it out to several other cooks to use during that time. After reviewing the failed Imarku Chef’s knife we wanted to demo another knife which was in the same price point and which had more legitimate (according to Fakespot) reviews on Amazon.

The Tojiro performed exceptionally well, especially for a $65 knife. We were amazed how easily it slid through the carrot, and the one handed tomato test was executed several times with just one long stroke rather than the normal 2 – 3 strokes. The knife is a little light and there was a small amount of friction cutting down through the thickest part of the onion. But all things considered, we definitely recommend this knife to any professional cook. It is also available in a 9.4″ and a 10.5″ size.

Tojiro 8.2 inch Gyuto Knife Video Review


Tojiro 8.2″ Gyuto Knife Review
Possible Actual Rating Test Notes
5 5 Carrot-Lengthwise Test  Extreme ease cutting the carrot lengthwise.
5 5 Shallot Test  Very easy cuts on the shallot.
5 4 Onion Test  Slight struggle on the vertical cuts through the thickest part of the onion.
3 3 Tomato Test  Very smooth single slice cuts. Hard to perform any better than this!
3 3 Basil Test  Clean, sharp cuts with no bruising, tears, or shredding.
3 2 Paper Test  Did a good job on the paper but not quite as good as some other knives.
5 4 Comfortable Handle  Comfortable handle but the blade height is a little low and the top of the “D” shaped handle could be slightly more rounded. It felt slightly “sharp” in the palm of the hand, but not enough to dissuade a purchase.
Quality Materials
5  4 Steel Quality VG-10 core with 2 layers of softer steel.
3  3 Durability  This knife should hold up during normal professional kitchen work.
3  3 Handle Quality  The triple rivets, full tang, and durable material make for excellent handle construction.
Quality Construction/Design
4  3 Overall Construction Quality   The knife is nicely crafted from quality materials and has a durable feel.
3  2 Design, Engraving, End-cap, etc  This knife has a practical design and an etched logo in the blade. They have put their money into solid, practical construction rather than an aesthetic appearance.
General Ratings
5  2 High-end Knife? 1 = under $25;      2 = $26 – $75;      3 = $76 – $150;      4 = $151 – $300;      5 = $301+
5  5 Utility  This knife performed well or exceptionally well on all tests and could easily function as your goto chef’s knife or gyuto.
7  5 Overall Impression  The Tojiro definately impressed us in all the tests. And for the price point of $65 you really cannot go wrong. We definitely recommend this knife.
5 4 Our Star Rating
69 57  4.9 Stars = Superior Quality Professional Knife – See Overall Ranking Below
formula: (actual score/total possible*6)
 See our Ratings Page for info on how we evaluate a knife

Buy This Knife on Amazon

Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link and I will receive a commission for each knife purchased. With that said, I stand by the review presented here.

4.5 stars on Amazon
Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″ (21cm)



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