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I received a free download of Oysterguru’s iPhone app to test and review. After playing with it for a few days I’ve got to say that I love it! It is an excellent tool for an “at a glance” profile of 350 oysters from North America. They list the following information for each oyster: Location, Availability, Salinity, and Flavors. You can search for oysters by name, region or salinity. I tried to stump it by searching for some of the most obscure oysters I know of and all of them were already in the app.

The app also lists a number of restaurants who carry oysters in 28 cities. And you can recommend to the oysterguru team additional new restaurants and new oysters (if you can find one which isn’t already listed) to be included in future updates.

Many of the oysters also have a google map which places the general location of the oyster farm, although a few of the maps may be incorrect (Coleville Bay oysters are listed inland, which may be the actual address of their offices; and Deer Creek oysters are listed in Puget Sound west of Seattle rather than in Hood Canal which is farther west).

Oysterguru would be especially helpful for restaurant waitstaff and chefs who want a quick, searchable data base of oyster info for their customers. And the oyster connoisseur will love the app’s feature which allows you to add your own notes and flavor profiles to each oyster along with where you had occasion to enjoy it.

Bottom Line: If you need more than the basic information about specific oysters you’ll still need to go to other sources to get the full story. But for quick access information this is an excellent tool, especially for under $2 bucks.

To purchase, go to the Oysterguru app page on the iTunes site.


The most comprehensive guide for identifying East & West Coast oysters from the United States and Canada. A “must have” for the oyster connoisseur. Don’t know the difference between an Aspy Bay and a Willapa Bay? Oysterguru makes it easy! The most complete reference tool whether you are a beginner or expert. Learn about the oysters on a menu, keep a record of those you’ve tried and share with your friends.


  • We’ve given you three ways to find your oyster of choice. Search over 350 entries alphabetically, by region, or by salinity.
  • See individual flavor profiles and the time of year it is farmed.
  • Save your favorites, add your own notes, ratings and flavor profiles utilizing our list of over 50 keywords or add your own.
  • Find restaurants in 28 Canadian and American Cities.
  • Shop for oysters for a feast at your home.
  • Share your oysters on Facebook.
  • Submit your own oyster or restaurant for future updates.
  • You will also find a guide detailing the basics in choosing an oyster including pairings, factors that determine an oyster’s flavors, and an overview of the five different oyster species.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.



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