Kotai Kiritsuke 8′ Knife Review

March 15, 2021

Kotai Kiritsuke Knife ReviewStar Rating: 5.6 Stars
Overall Rating: Excellent Quality Professional Knife
Knife: Kotai Kiritsuke 8″ Knife
Brand: Kotai
Made In: Yang Jiang, China or Seki, Japan
Steel: Japanese 440C high-carbon steel
Rockwell: 59 HRC
Blade Construction: Japanese 440c cryogenically treated steel
Edge: 15° ±1° degree double-beveled blade
Handle:  Ebony wood octagonal handle with an intricate mosaic pin and engraved end cap
Tang: Full tang
Weight: about 6.7 oz (190 gm)
Length: Blade = 8″, Total length = 13″
Spine Thickness: 2mm
NSF approved: Unknown…but its quality and clean lines certainly suggests that it is
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe but highly recommend hand-washing only
Cost: About $154 (including tax & shipping)
Availability: Currently available (March 2021)
Warranty: Lifetime
Website: Kotai Kitchen

Knife Stats and Review

The Kotai Kiritsuke knife performed well through all of the cutting tests I put it through. On the thick onion there was a small amount of resistance on the horizontal slices, but virtually no resistance on the vertical slices or dicing. On the carrot pull test the blade performed better than I expected for such a light knife…there was some resistance but it did a good job, especially considering that you usually use a slicing action on a carrot, not a pulling action (which is why I choose to do a pulling test…slicing is too easy!)

For the shallot and basil chiffonade the Kotai Kiritsuke did a phenomenal job! And the free hand tomato slicing test also did pretty good. The tomato was ripe and getting the initial cut through the skin took a couple of soft strokes, but if I had put the knife on a steel for a few strokes to realign the edge it would have done even better (this is an out-of-the-box review so I don’t usually hone the edge before testing).

Overall, the knife performed very well and I feel that it is well designed, comfortable in the hand, elegant looking, and worth the selling price of $154.

Video Review of the Kotai Kiritsuke

Below is the actual video review of how the knife performed through all the cutting tests which we used to evaluate this knife.


Kotai Kiritsuke Knife Review
Possible Actual Rating Test Notes
5 4 Carrot-Lengthwise Test  It pulled through the carrot with a small amount of resistance.
5 5 Shallot Test  Performed very well on the shallot w/ clean cuts.
5 4 Onion Test  Experienced a small amount of resistance on the  horizontal cuts & virtually none on the vertical cuts.
3 3 Tomato Test  Cut nice thin slices of tomato on the free hand slicing test (honing it on a steel would improve the initial cut through the skin)
3 3 Basil Test  Fabulous job on the basil chiffonade w/ no bruising or tearing.
3 3 Paper Test  Fabulous job on the paper test.
5 5 Comfortable Handle Love the octagonal shaped handle! Very comfortable ambidextrous handle with nicely tapered bolster for the “pinch grip”. Has a good, firm “feel” in the hand, is not slick, doesn’t have edges which “bite”.
Quality Materials
5 5 Steel Quality Janpanese 440C hig-carbon steel
3 3 Durability  This knife should hold up well for professional kitchen work
3 3 Handle Quality  The full tang and Ebony wood make for excellent handle construction
Quality Construction/Design
4 4 Overall Construction Quality  The materials and steel are high quality
3 3 Design, Engraving, End-cap, etc  High-end steel blade, etched name on the blade, tapered bolster, rounded edges on the spine, mosaic pin, and engraved end cap
General Ratings
5 3 High-end Knife? 1 = under $25;      2 = $26 – $75;      3 = $76 – $150;      4 = $151 – $300;      5 = $301+
5 5 Utility  Nicely designed chef knife with kiritsuke style tip. The edge has a good roll to it (not too flat), the handle is comfortable and doesn’t slip
7 7 Overall Impression  This is both an elegant looking knife and a practical one. I was very impressed with this knife’s appearance and performance
5 5 Our Star Rating  Overall this is a fabulous knife.
69 65 5.6  Stars = Excellent Quality Professional Knife – See Overall Ranking Below
formula: (actual score/total possible*6)


 See our Ratings Page for info on how we evaluate a knife

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Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link and I will receive a commission for each knife purchased. With that said, I stand by the review presented here.


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