Culinary Tool Reviews for Chefs

There are a ton of kitchen gadgets and tools out there for the home cook, but what are the cool chef’s tools and gadgets which professional chefs and cooks have in their toolbox? You’ll never find the Ronco Omelet Turner or the Tupperware Egg Separator among any chefs’ gear! Below you’ll find a list of a few culinary tool reviews which we have done. Among my favorite chef tools are a pair of surgical forceps for pulling fish pin bones, Matfer ring molds for forming items on the plate, Cutco shears, and my 10” Shun Ken Onion knife.

My Favorite Chef Toys


Below are culinary tool reviews and demos. As a matter of disclosure, the Fishmonger App was developed by Chef’s Resources; the Zen Premium knives were given to use to review; the Shun we purchased.

If you have a product which you would like us to review then please contact us.


Product Reviews by Chef’s Resources

Tojiro DP Gyuto Knife review

Tojiro DP Gyuto Review

4 stars
about $65
Read the review

Imarku 8

Imarku 8″ Chef Knife Review

2 stars
about $50
Read the review

Miyabi Kaisen Chef Knife

Miyabi Kaisen Knife Review

5 stars
about $200
Read the review

Dalstrong Shogun Chef Knife

Dalstrong Shogun 9.5″ Chef Knife

4 stars
about $110 – $300
Read the review

KaDaa Ceramic Knife Review

KaDaa 6″ Ceramic Knife

3 stars
about $14
Read the review

Shun Ken Onion 10" Chef Knife

Shun Ken Onion 10″ Chef Knife Review

5 Stars
about $300
Read the review

Kramer Essential Chef Knife

Bob Kramer Essential
10″ Chef Knife Review

5 Stars
about $300
Read the review

Asai PM Damascus Gyuto

Asai PM Damascus Gyuto Review

5 Stars
about $495
Read the review

Zhen Premium D2 10.5" Chef Knife

Zen Premium D2 10.5″ Chef Knife

Video Review of this Damascus Steel Chef Knife.
Read the review


Zhen Premium C6 9.5" Chef Knife

Zen Premium C6 Chef Knife Review

This is a 9.5″ Carbon Steel knife.
Read the review



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